Brand Review: Aurora Lighting

aurora brand logosAurora Lighting have cemented themselves as a ‘go-to’ brand within the commercial and domestic lighting industry. This award winning lighting manufacturer offers quality solutions for a dynamic range of lighting needs; whether it’s ceiling downlights, garden lights, LED lightbulbs or lighting control units; the size of their catalogue is titanic.

Rarely does a day go by when Direct Trade Supplies fail to take an order for Aurora goods. So what’s so special about this leading lighting brand? 

There are numerous reasons as to why Aurora remain a cut above the rest (majority).

– They are quality conscious.

– Show great attention to detail.

– Manufacture all the parts a consumer needs.

– Create lights in tune with modern times.

– Continue to improve already established models.

– Rapidly develop new ranges.

Within this blog we plan to dissect our vast selection of Aurora Lighting products – from downlights, wall lights, under cabinet lighting, strip lights and bulbs! Within this breakdown you can find suitable lighting for both domestic and commercial scenarios.

We hope that if you’re looking to implement lighting at work or home, that our Aurora lights and accessories can assist you on your journey. (more…)

Waterproof LED Lights For Pools, Jacuzzis & Hot Tubs This Summer!

pool lights

Those of you who are lucky enough to own a pool, jacuzzi or hot tub will no doubt be eager to take a summer dunk. And although the night’s will become progressively lighter you can keep the drinks flowing and chin-wags going for much longer by installing some top quality waterproof LED lights. Waterproof LED lights can mean two things; either fully submersible lighting which will sit within the water to illuminate from below or general waterproof lighting which is dotted around the pool remaining resistant to water spills, splashes and unwelcome summer showers. (more…)

It’s An Emergency! Emergency Lighting And Signs.

In the event of an emergency it is highly important that your building is marked with clear signs and back-up emergency lights. This is particularly vital if the building is a commercial store where customers congregate and shop. Emergency lighting and signs are also essential components for places that employ staff or home a number of tenants; there are various legal rules and regulations in place that need to be followed.

Although emergencies are rare, there is no way of knowing whether one is just around the corner – they do not come with warnings. So in the unfortunate event that an emergency does occur, having the correct emergency signage and lights could potentially save lives and make the whole process a lot smoother to deal with.

Emergency Signs

emergency signage banner (more…)

The Latest Aurora mSeries Downlights (AU-FRLD)

Adjustable, Dimmable, Fire Rated LEDs from the latest range of Aurora mSeries Downlights. (AU-FRLD)

aurora logo




220240V Adjustable 7W MV Dimmable LED Downlight Fire Protection

Fancy buying a light that boasts the beams of a halogen but is actually LED? 


Do you require accurate beam control and anti-glare functions?


Need a light that already comes with a driver on-board?


Like the sound of a mains voltage single source HVLED chip that eliminates overshadowing and provides great dimming?


Want to welcome a rapid installation into 30, 60 and 90 fire rated ceilings?


Would you like to be partnered with 40, 000 hours of light life?

Exclusive Aurora AOne Lamps at Direct Trade Supplies


Bringing you the new Aurora AOne lamps – a brand new collection guaranteed to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Cramming an immense four core technologies into one lamp, this collection is by far the best in it’s class and not to be missed. Manufactured to deliver outstanding performance and lifetime enclosed luminaires and fire rated downlights and complete with a massive three year warranty – you can always rely on the Aurora AOne lamps collection. (more…)

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