Effect Lighting: Lose Yourself In A Multicoloured World


You now have the chance to recreate your very own Creamfields by using some quality effect lighting. Multicoloured laser lights can help to set a galactic scene wherever you are; be it a house party, a rented town hall or a city nightclub. Getting loose and lost in a field of multicoloured lasers is a favourite past time for so many people – from the 90s Haçienda crowd right up to 2015 ravers in Glastonbury’s Dance Tent. 

There’s something magical about wading through artificial smoke and bright effect lighting as the music pumps. Lights and music are a match made in heaven, it doesn’t matter how big the venue is because if you get the correct balance of good people, good lights and good music, it can seem like you’ve been transported into the best nightclub in the world. (more…)

DJ Storage: Equipment For Pros & Amateurs.

dj equipment banner image

Whether you’re a fully fledged professional DJ that travels the land providing music to revellers or you’re an amateur stay-at-home spinner, having the correct DJ storage is essential to maintaining your most cherished equipment and music. Our modern world has seen physical items become downsized and in some circumstances completely replaced by digital intelligence. This has without a doubt changed the DJ terrain, with some cynics saying the authentic disc jockey is a dying breed. But not everyone relies on a laptop-to-speaker set up, some still do it the proper way by using original equipment to bring the noise. Quality DJ storage shouldn’t only be limited to the pros, just how top of the range football boots aren’t exclusive to premier league players, anyone who shares a passion for music or is starting out their journey as an aspiring DJ will want to adopt what the pros have got. (more…)

Summer Garden Party Equipment. Boom, Boom, Boom!

Summer garden party equipment picture

We are all partial to a bit of summer partying, so with this in mind we thought we’d sift through our entire product catalogue to come up with some quality garden party equipment. Being an electrical wholesaler, I’m sorry to say it but you aren’t going to find cold beer or wacky fancy dress costumes on our website, quite the opposite, but what we can do is deliver some practical solutions to help your outdoor BBQ soar and summer party boom!

We might have to make a follow up blog titled ‘How to monitor troublesome summer garden parties’ with links to our CCTV cameras, but for now we are in such high sunny spirits we don’t want to dampen the mood just yet.  (more…)

Studio Equipment, Music Storage & Sound Engineer Gear

For most of us a reliable pair of speakers and a CD case is all we need, yet some professions require specialist studio equipment to turn up the volume on quality. Direct Trade Supplies deliver some of the very best musician equipment on the market; from music stands, studio headphones and audio storage bags, to recording studio furniture such as turntable desks and DJ flight cases. We also supply scintillating sound systems for nightclubs, as well as smart PA systems for low key events.

This blog post will give you a run down from our top of the range sound units, through to everyday household audio gear. Starting at our advanced studio and nightclub equipment, and lowering the tone to get bang in tune with in-home studios, travelling DJs and people looking for a quick fix to their broken headphones.

Club Speakers & Event Sound Systems