Collingwood Lighting For Bars & Clubs

Collingwood Lighting Bar Heading

Many of you will be hitting the bar to celebrate entering year 2016 and it’s our job to supply the lights which make these bars look so great, in particular Collingwood Lighting lights. Collingwood are a favoured lighting brand for a whole host of hospitality venues including bars, nightclubs and hotels. There are a number of qualities to why people are attracted to using Collingwood Lighting – they boast strong and stylish fittings, the latest LED technology, a variety of beam colours and easy instalment. 

In this blog we’ve compiled a number of lifestyle shots to demonstrate what can be achieved when you use Collingwood Lighting. If any of the bars and clubs you are going to on NYE look anything like these, then you’re sure to have the perfect setting to see in the new year. Bottoms up and cheers! (more…)

Room By Room Tour With Hager Wiring Accessories

hager banner

Whether it’s for commercial, domestic or industrial use Hager electrical, in particular their wiring accessories, offer any property a comprehensive and quality solution to all common electrical connections. A complementary blend of aesthetics, resistance and functionality makes Hager a leading brand name in the electrical accessories market. With a multitude of finishes to pick from you’ll be able to find the most suitable unit for you and your existing interior themes. It could be modest and sleek or polished and dashing; the design may differ but the essence of quality still remains.

Starting their life out in 1955 Ensheim, Saarland – Germany, the Hager group have used their eyes, ears and talents to get to grips with the competitive market of electrical accessories. Understanding the commercial and domestic needs for fuss-free installations, easy functions and attractive looking pieces Hager now find themselves at the forefront of innovation with 23 design branches across the world and a strong customer base in over 95 countries. (more…)

Texecom Products Protecting Your Property

texecom banner

One of Europe’s largest providers of home security products – Texecom. Renowned for bespoke security designs that protect people and property, Texecom have been manufacturing quality household safety items for years. Both inside and outside of the building, domestic and commercial outfits have been benefiting from Texecom security products. They’ve successfully rolled out a wide variety of models built to last in a vast range of environments. The sheer size of Texecom’s catalogue as well as their long-standing winning formula has helped to make them a household name in commercial and domestic security solutions.   (more…)

New LED Light Bulb Range: Lumanor LED GU10 Dimmable & Non Dimmable Lamps

lumanor image

Endorsed by the biggest names in lighting control and smart automation the Lumanor LED GU10 COB lamps are making a real impression on LED market. Direct Trade Supplies are now proud stockists of one of the best and most coveted bulbs in the industry. Used by professionals and homeowners who want nothing but quality performance, the Lumanor GU10s come in both dimmable and non-dimmable ranges and are also available in warm white, natural white and cool white glows. (more…)

Switch Up The Style With Schneider GET Ultimate Electrical Accessories

schneider electric logo

Electrical accessories don’t come much better than the Schneider GET Ultimate range. Mixing aesthetically pleasing and ultra-slim designs with curved profiles, screwless selections and easy installation, these switches, sockets and modules are some of the most desirable items within the electrical accessories market. 

Schneider Electric have fast become a luxury electrical brand. They understand the balance between image and function; proving that switches and sockets don’t have to be bland and boring. Schneider have made electrical accessories stylish and complimentary, providing a minimal, uniformed and high quality selection of accessories for homes and businesses.  (more…)

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