What Are Non-Maintained Emergency Downlights?

non-maintained emergency downlights

It’s a rarity but sometimes power cuts occur and when they do having non-maintained emergency downlights in place could be vital to your survival (well may be not that far but they’ll make life a whole lot easier). Emergency downlights are designed to provide light when conventional lights are blown, damaged or inaccessible. There’s two types of emergency downlights; maintained and non-maintained. The main difference being that maintained emergency downlights require manual assistance to switch on whereas non-maintained emergency downlights go it alone and automatically illuminate the area. 

Picture yourself, you are in the office or warehouse working away on a night shift then BOOM! The power cuts and the lights go out. Ooohs and aaahs echo throughout the room and a few of the smokers decide to delve into their pockets to grab their lighters. But wait, what about those non-maintained emergency downlights you’ve recently had installed, they should kick in any second and light will flood the location once more. This is exactly how non-maintained emergency downlights work. They lay redundant and go unnoticed 99% of the time but when a power cut happens, they are triggered and spring into action. (more…)

What Are IP Ratings? Demystifying Lighting Terms.

quizzedUnless you’re a qualified electrician, a trainee or somebody who’s already come across the term – you may not know what an IP rating means.

Like most electrical goods, lighting comes with its fair share of jargon. And the term IP rating is a prominent player in lighting slang. But what is it and how will it effect your decision buying lights? 

What Are IP Ratings? Alphabetical & Numerical Breakdown.

The letters ‘IP’ stands for Ingress Protection, ie – how well protected a fitting is. After ‘IP’ comes the numbers, and it’s these collection of numbers which will play a crucial role in guiding you towards the correct grade of lighting for a particular location.

We all know that leaving a mobile phone or a credit card outside in the rain all night may just present you with problems the following morning. This is because these items were not built to perform in harsh environments. They should remain dry and safe in order to continue performing.

Lighting uses the same kind of premise. Most lights will only be able to perform indoors and away from hazards like dust and water. However some lights have been purposely built to cope with such hazards. And this is where the IP rating comes in handy because it tells you directly, without bumbling, whether or not your light can be fitted on a building site, around water or be fully submerged. (more…)

It’s An Emergency! Emergency Lighting And Signs.

In the event of an emergency it is highly important that your building is marked with clear signs and back-up emergency lights. This is particularly vital if the building is a commercial store where customers congregate and shop. Emergency lighting and signs are also essential components for places that employ staff or home a number of tenants; there are various legal rules and regulations in place that need to be followed.

Although emergencies are rare, there is no way of knowing whether one is just around the corner – they do not come with warnings. So in the unfortunate event that an emergency does occur, having the correct emergency signage and lights could potentially save lives and make the whole process a lot smoother to deal with.

Emergency Signs

emergency signage banner (more…)

The Builders Yard: Building Site Lighting & Accessories.

builders at work

Building Site Lighting For Professionals

Building sites can be dangerous places at the best of times, let alone working long into the night, so this is why having the correct site lighting is an essential part of construction safety. Site lights allow employees to safely navigate around the site, as well as operate machinery and continue to see their masterpiece develop.

Building site lighting will also make outsiders aware that the area is out of bounds. Any over-inquisitive wanderer or drunk walking home will see that work’s in progress and the site should not be entered. So it’s not only the work force that benefit from site lights but also those in and around the vicinity. (more…)