SolarPuff: The Fold-Out Solar Light That Can Change Lives.

Importance Of Light: The SolarPuff

silhuotte lightWithout lighting we’d literally be left in the dark. We’d be solely relying on 10-16 hours of sunlight (season depending), flickering candles and a campfire illumination to help us clearly see and navigate. Luckily for the majority of us we’ve been inundated with lighting systems. Oil lamps and candles spanning back to 4000 BC, the first implementation of oil street lights in 1000 AD, not to mention Alessandro Volta and Thomas Edison’s ground-breaking invention of the lightbulb.

In the modern world artificial light is no longer hard to access nor is it considered a luxury. It’s everywhere and comes in many different forms; from multi-story office blocks with ceiling light panels to carefully constructed landscape garden lights, nearly each and every building has some type of lighting installed in its floors, walls and ceilings. 

It’s also a fairly common sight to see new fancy light fixtures plastered across home and interior design magazines. And although pushing the boundaries of contemporary design by using beautifully engineered aesthetics or implementing never-seen-before technology contributes to the evolution of modern lighting, there are some lighting systems that deserve to be separated from the rest of them.