5 Tips: Lighting For Nurseries & Kids Rooms.

lighting for nurseries

A child’s bedroom or nursery is supposed to be a sanctuary, somewhere they can play, develop and feel the ultimate comfort. As parents or carers we all want to go the extra mile to provide a happy place for our kids. Whether it’s at a nursery or in the bedroom at home, a kids space is often dressed with friendly toys, soft furnishings and fun designs. Yet there is one feature that sometimes gets overlooked, a feature that can install further clarity, peace and harmony, and that’s lighting. 

Lighting for nurseries and kids rooms can enhance the drama, adventure and ambience within seconds. It could be clear bright lights for purity at playtime or soothing mood lighting for evening wind-downs. No matter what their age, creating the perfect balance of lighting in any room where children will be spending quality time in is important. Below we’ve come up with a few top tips on how to use lighting to benefit children, parents and carers. (more…)