Five Simple Steps: How To Reduce Energy Bills

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All of us would like to reduce energy bills but putting that into action is another thing. Taking time out of our busy schedules to tweak existing routines and systems can be hard, what’s more, understanding and then deciding what changes to actually make can be even harder. Being an electrical wholesaler we thought we’d help you in your mission to deduct your monthly bills, offering you some fast solutions which are more than achievable with our current stock.

Energy Monitor

Reduce Energy Bills With Energy MonitorBefore you make any changes you might want to view how much existing energy you are using. This can be achieved by installing a home energy monitor, which can give you live readings of how much electricity your home is producing. Having an energy monitor in the home can be the antagonist for change, acting as the wake up call you need to reduce energy bills.
The LightwaveRF Energy Monitor is a state-of-the-art model which relies upon a smart phone app to convey it’s readings. Once it’s hooked up to your LightwaveRF Wifi Link, you’ll be able to monitor the exact amount of energy being used. Its advanced real-time energy consumption reader could be just what you need to keep tabs on your energy output. (more…)

DTS Soundtrack – 10 Acts & Songs With Electric In Their Title.


Oasis – She’s Electric (1995)

A cult classic from Manchester’s favourite brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, She’s Electric made its entrance on the hugely successful second studio album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? Oasis went on to become one of the biggest bands in the world and played a pivotal role in the Britpop movement during the 90s.

Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue (1983)

A song we’ve all heard at least once in our lives, Electric Avenue is a perhaps Eddy Grant’s most recognised hit. This funky and chunky classic rocked down to – number 2, in both the UK and US charts. Eddy is thought to have created the Caribbean influenced genre ‘Ringbang’ which draws influence from Calypso and Reggae music.

Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage (2002)

The eccentric six piece rock band Electric Six released Danger! High Voltage as a single in 2002, only to follow it up on their debut album Fire in 2003. Accompanied by a wacky video, a style very much connected with the group, Danger! High Voltage is probably Electric Six’s second most popular song after another track that pushed the boundaries – Gay Bar. (more…)

What Are Non-Maintained Emergency Downlights?

non-maintained emergency downlights

It’s a rarity but sometimes power cuts occur and when they do having non-maintained emergency downlights in place could be vital to your survival (well may be not that far but they’ll make life a whole lot easier). Emergency downlights are designed to provide light when conventional lights are blown, damaged or inaccessible. There’s two types of emergency downlights; maintained and non-maintained. The main difference being that maintained emergency downlights require manual assistance to switch on whereas non-maintained emergency downlights go it alone and automatically illuminate the area. 

Picture yourself, you are in the office or warehouse working away on a night shift then BOOM! The power cuts and the lights go out. Ooohs and aaahs echo throughout the room and a few of the smokers decide to delve into their pockets to grab their lighters. But wait, what about those non-maintained emergency downlights you’ve recently had installed, they should kick in any second and light will flood the location once more. This is exactly how non-maintained emergency downlights work. They lay redundant and go unnoticed 99% of the time but when a power cut happens, they are triggered and spring into action. (more…)

European Light Art Festivals

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Every year thousands of hundreds of people gather as spectators to marvel at Europe’s biggest light art festivals. Lighting design teams from across the world work around the clock in preparation for their time to shine. These amazing festivals look to breathe new life into old buildings and show off famous landmarks in a new light. These festivals also help to provide a fresh angle on how we interpret light. The standard of lighting equipment is forever advancing, and with this comes creative forces thirsty to put it use, the end result -> unique artistry for one off events and exhibitions.

Light Art festivals can throw up phenomenal viewings, so whether you are an artistic individual or not, all can enjoy these awe inspiring scenes. These lighting events range from the nippiest regions of Scandinavia to the warmth and soul of Portugal, all the way back to central Europe in France, Germany and England; the light festival illuminates every nook and cranny of the European map. Compiled with both newcomers and household names, each year lighting designers pitch their imaginative ideas against the back drop of a dark night sky, treating locals and those who have travelled far and wide to eye-catching illuminations. (more…)

A Few Frazzling Facts About Electricity



Switch on the lights, whack on the heating, make a cup of tea, put your phone on charge and turn on the TV. Electricity is great.

Embedded in pretty much everything we do, electricity has firmly made itself one of our essentials. It’s now a major modern necessity and something we all rely on. However, it hasn’t always been like this. There was a time when it was raw, under quarantine and very much a mystical force. Purple lightning forks and sparking cables still appear just as mystical, the only difference being – we’ve harnessed a greater understanding of this powerful entity.

Being an electrical wholesalers we thought we’d bring you a loose timeline and a mismatch of hard line facts surrounding electricity. Let the sparks fly… (more…)