Brrrr! Economical Heaters For Winter 2015.

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Office Furniture And Electrical Accessories

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The office can be a mind field of paper, phones, chairs and desks but despite the mayhem it’s important that essential office furniture and electrical accessories are easily accessible to those that need it most. Here at Direct Trade Supplies we provide a whole host of electrical goods suitable for big commercial offices, small scale outlets as well as at-home office study rooms. In light of our diverse stock, we thought we’d create a brief breakdown on what office products we can offer; ranging from lighting, ventilation, heating and other electrical accessories such as switches and sockets.  (more…)

Farho Heating For The Winter

farho intelligent heatingWhether you are looking to upgrade your existing set of heaters or you need to completely replace a broken one, Farho Heating are here to warm your woes with intelligent, energy saving, no fuss heating solutions. Farho offers both home-owners and businesses analogic and digital heaters, quick to heat up and easy to function.

At Direct Trade Supplies you can discover a wide variety of Farho heating products, from the affordable and economical Farho Alejandria range to the more high brow and luxury heaters provided by the Elegance and Xana-Plus range. We even keep Farho heated towel rails for when you want to receive a warm welcome as you step out the bath or shower.  (more…)

How Are You Going To Stay Warm This Winter? 10 Top Tips.

cat in snowWoolly hats and thick coats at the ready. The winter is soon upon us, rearing its chilly head once more. We will soon be trading in the sepia tones of fallen Autumn leaves, replacing them with broken dead twigs embedded in slippery white slush or deep thick snow depending on your location.

Although the winter can produce beautiful scenes of white blanketed landscapes, brightly lit market stalls and families full of rosy cheeks and smiles, it doesn’t half come with a bite.

The bitter temperature can make the daily trip to the shops seem like a climb up Everest, outdoor activities become sparse and rolling out of bed for work in the morning transforms into a reluctant stiff shuffle as you ponder ringing in sick.


Towel Rails from Farho Now Available at DTS

Offering towel rails for all bathroom sizes, the Nova range from Farho is hard to beat and definitely won’t leave you disappointed. Boasting a collection of advanced performance features whilst saving you money on your electricity bills, you won’t find anything else quite as spectacular as these towel radiators from Farho. All Farho products are the culmination of years of tests and research and the collection supplied here at Direct Trade Supplies definitely reflects the fantastic quality. (more…)