8 Things NOT To During A Fire (Or Before It).

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Hopefully you’ll never have to experience a fire but if you do there are certain things you should NOT do. Fires are inflammatory situations as they are, so you needn’t put yourself in added danger. Some actions may seem like the right idea at the time but there’s the potential it’ll actually put you more at risk. You will also need to consider what measures you can take to prevent fires from happening in the first place. This blog gives you 8 things NOT to do in a fire (or before it). (more…)

5 Intelligent Security Systems For Home & Work

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In the last ten years the technology involved in devices around the home and office has reached new heights. One of the most advanced departments is the commercial and domestic security genre. It has long been admired for the stealthy way it protects people, establishing itself as a leading category for innovation and product design. Yet in recent years security products have become smaller, tougher and more adaptable, many systems are now fully compatible to work alongside IT and serve multiple purposes rather than hosting just one singular function. 

For what might have seemed unfathomable ten or twenty years ago has morphed into a reality. And the best thing about it? The average homeowner can get involved. Buying intelligent security systems for home and work no longer has to leave a huge dent in your bank account. They are no longer limited to spy novels, James Bond films or high-secure jewellers. Intelligent security systems are readily available for anyone seeking reliable yet sophisticated building surveillance and safety.  

Domestic & Commercial Espionage With Intelligent Security Systems

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Genie CCTV Camera In Fire Alarm Case (Product Code – GC3HSMO/A)


Smoke Alarm Testing: What You Need To Know

test smoke alarm pictureIf there was just one device in the home we need to remember to test it’s the smoke alarm. The importance of testing smoke alarms is unprecedented, if you rent a property out to tenants or you employ workers within a business then it is your legal duty to make sure your fire safety systems are working properly. If you are approaching this from a domestic angle then it may not be your legal duty to check your smoke alarms but it’s certainly in your best interests. (more…)

Interview With: Bob Parkin @ The Marsden Fire Safety Consultancy. Former Fireman & Now Fire Safety Expert.

Using His Own Experience As A Firefighter To Extinguish The Danger For Businesses & Homes.


Bob Parkin On BBC News

Just like any profession where you relay advice or conduct training it’s always a bonus when the person advising has been there, done it and worn the uniform. This week we’ve turned up the heat with Bob Parkin, former fireman-evolved-fire safety consultant. Bob has climbed ladders, saved lives and experienced explosions during his time as a fireman. He moved from his position as a regular firefighter to a leading fireman and shortly after worked as a sub officer for various fire stations in East Lancashire. (more…)