20 Iconic & Unusual Building Designs In The UK

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Architectural Building Designs 1)

Name: Container City II

Location: East London

Construction Date: 2002

Designer: Eric Reynolds

Usage: Residential Community/Accommodation

container city Building Designs

Smart Home Controls: Who Can Benefit?

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The fast paced nature of modern living along with the advancements of technology has made smart home controls a viable attraction. Smart home technology offers households as well as businesses a convenient solution to powering some of the most important electrical commodities inside of the property. Automated lighting and heating controls currently dominate the smart home sector, with other offshoots such as energy monitoring also making headway. When all combined the current smart home market provides an exciting glimpse into what the future may hold. (more…)

Room By Room Tour With Hager Wiring Accessories

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Whether it’s for commercial, domestic or industrial use Hager electrical, in particular their wiring accessories, offer any property a comprehensive and quality solution to all common electrical connections. A complementary blend of aesthetics, resistance and functionality makes Hager a leading brand name in the electrical accessories market. With a multitude of finishes to pick from you’ll be able to find the most suitable unit for you and your existing interior themes. It could be modest and sleek or polished and dashing; the design may differ but the essence of quality still remains.

Starting their life out in 1955 Ensheim, Saarland – Germany, the Hager group have used their eyes, ears and talents to get to grips with the competitive market of electrical accessories. Understanding the commercial and domestic needs for fuss-free installations, easy functions and attractive looking pieces Hager now find themselves at the forefront of innovation with 23 design branches across the world and a strong customer base in over 95 countries. (more…)

How LEDs Are Improving Businesses & Projects World Wide.

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If you needed any indication that LEDs can improve the way you illuminate your home, then you can always look to how commercial outlets have been interacting with energy saving lights. Over the last five years LED lighting has bolstered its presence inside huge conglomerates as well as local services or grass root projects. Whether their initiative is to save energy, spawned from eco-conscious ethics, or they are more interested in the money it saves, either way LEDs are playing an important role.

Those with access to a lot of money have the advantage of implementing new products or devices on a grand scale. They needn’t worry so much if the accessories they buy fail to completely satisfy because they have the access, contacts and wealth to reinvest. Yet for start-up businesses or projects ran at grass root levels they need to be confident that what they buy will improve the function and performance of their set up.

An inspiring story from 2014 highlighted the upheaval and commitment to saving energy in one of the poorest areas in the world. In the Brazilian Favela Morro da Mineira, Rio de Janeiro, an entire community with the help of footballing legend Pele, launched an artificial pitch with a difference. In order to provide an opportunity for the community to play football after the sun goes down they have come up with a unique and empowering way to generate their light source. (more…)

5 Intelligent Security Systems For Home & Work

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In the last ten years the technology involved in devices around the home and office has reached new heights. One of the most advanced departments is the commercial and domestic security genre. It has long been admired for the stealthy way it protects people, establishing itself as a leading category for innovation and product design. Yet in recent years security products have become smaller, tougher and more adaptable, many systems are now fully compatible to work alongside IT and serve multiple purposes rather than hosting just one singular function. 

For what might have seemed unfathomable ten or twenty years ago has morphed into a reality. And the best thing about it? The average homeowner can get involved. Buying intelligent security systems for home and work no longer has to leave a huge dent in your bank account. They are no longer limited to spy novels, James Bond films or high-secure jewellers. Intelligent security systems are readily available for anyone seeking reliable yet sophisticated building surveillance and safety.  

Domestic & Commercial Espionage With Intelligent Security Systems

camera & audio disguised in fire alarm case

Genie CCTV Camera In Fire Alarm Case (Product Code – GC3HSMO/A)


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