Brrrr! Economical Heaters For Winter 2015.

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Smart Home Controls: Who Can Benefit?

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The fast paced nature of modern living along with the advancements of technology has made smart home controls a viable attraction. Smart home technology offers households as well as businesses a convenient solution to powering some of the most important electrical commodities inside of the property. Automated lighting and heating controls currently dominate the smart home sector, with other offshoots such as energy monitoring also making headway. When all combined the current smart home market provides an exciting glimpse into what the future may hold. (more…)

Future Homes: What Your Home May Look Like In 2020.

Convenience is key for the modern consumer. Take the smart phone – users can browse the web, schedule business meetings and record videos all from one single device; years ago we needed to use multiple products to achieve these things. This is very much the essence of the modern home. In our urbanised landscape, planning space and home building is fast becoming limited, yet one endearing outcome from this cramped effect is that both homeowners and designers are forced to make savvy decisions.  (more…)

Christmas Competition To Win A Modern Hylite Eco Heater

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Unfortunately This Competition Has Finished. Please Stay Around For More Competitions In The New Year!


Ho Ho Ho

Direct Trade Supplies are getting well in tune with the Christmas spirit by launching a brand new competition! (more…)

Hylite Tubular Heating: Eco, Streamline & Space Saving Heaters.

If you have a mobile home, caravan, shed or conservatory, or an area that is hard to access and too small for conventional heating, then you could be crying out for tubular heating. This relatively new form of heating technology combines streamline aesthetics, an in-built thermostat display and energy saving properties to provide people with a quick, simple and cost effective alternative to applying conventional heating appliances. (more…)

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