The Rules Of Covert CCTV & How It Can Be Used.

COVERT CCTV IMAGERemaining hidden and not giving away your position is sometimes the only way to capture a true event, and it’s this exact sentiment which makes covert CCTV such a great solution for building surveillance – nobody knows it’s there!

For the majority of well behaved law abiding citizens general CCTV doesn’t pose much of a threat. We acknowledge its existence but it doesn’t phase us because we know we aren’t doing anything wrong. But of course, not everyone is a do-gooder, there are shady characters out there. 

The Rules, Regs & Ethics Of Installing Covert CCTV

Although visible CCTV will catch crooks or events in action sometimes hidden surveillance is better suited. If you suspect that an employee or person(s) is up to no good then it’s your right to try and get to the bottom of it. However, there are laws in place that prevent you from using continual surveillance without having a specific reason, so you need to be sure that your hunch of wrong doing is sufficient enough for covert CCTV. (more…)

Network Surveillance: IP Cameras & NVR Systems To Reinforce Your Security.

IP Surveillance Scenario screenshot

We now live in a time where a lot of our communication is carried out behind the screen. Whether you use computers at work or you’re always on your PC at home, we are now completely attached to the digital world. 

Network surveillance has quickly moved with the times, new CCTV cameras are now fully compatible with a whole host of computer systems. IP CCTV can be a great way to reinforce the security of your home or business, they work by sending and receiving data via a computer network and the Internet. This cutting edge monitoring offers further convenience and control to the way you secure your building and property, sharing the ability to view and play back recordings from your allocated computer system.  (more…)

Hikvision Surveillance Systems: Casting An Intelligent Eye On Commercial & Domestic CCTV.

blog_hikvision_footer_v1If you haven’t heard of Hikvision yet, you’re in for a treat, this innovative surveillance brand boasts some of the most advanced, slick and technological CCTV systems in the world.

Although the thought of ‘Big Brothers’ eyes prying on our every move can be slightly daunting, intimidating and damn right rude, there are certain circumstances where surveillance is required, and when it is, it may as well be done properly.

Hikvision have been trading for little over 12 years, and in this time they have built themselves up as a leading brand within the surveillance industry. (more…)