Security Policy

Introduction To Security On Our Site
At Direct Trade Supplies we take online security extremely seriously. Our online shop is constantly monitored for security breaches and attacks as well as possible vulnerabilities. The checkout pages are protected using industry standard security measures, but should you have any problems or concerns whatsoever we are only a telephone call away. You can contact us on 0844 879 3212 to discuss anything. Although we take security very seriously on our website, it is still important that you also take steps to ensure that all of your personal and confidential information is kept safe and secure. We have included a small guide below to explain our systems in full, but also to help you understand how to protect your information. By both customer and Direct Trade Supplies working together on security we can make your online shopping experience more enjoyable, by knowing that our platform and your precautions are keeping your information safe.
Our Security System
We use SSL certificates across all of the transaction sections of our online store. Our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is supplied by Comodo, one of the largest digital certificate provider in the world today, with millions of customers worldwide. Our encryption level runs at up to 128-bit across the secure socket layer.
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates
At this stage, you may be asking what an SSL certificate is for; it isn't an award to make us look spectacular; it's a certificate issued to a company to verify that they offer their customers a secure shopping experience whilst on their website. Certificates are issued by a certified authority, which in our case is Comodo.

SSL certificates are a digital encryption algorithm which will encrypt your personal information as it travels through the World Wide Web. It will take your credit card details, name, address, telephone number, etc, etc, and encode them before it is sent from your computer to our server. This encryption ensures that nobody can read it as it travels over the internet.
Look For The Padlock
Whenever you login to your account online or purchase any goods from us always remember to check that your session is being secured and encoded. This is checked in two locations. When in a secure environment on our site, e.g. your account pages or the checkout, you will see that the usual address in the address bar will read The https:// signifies that the session is in a secure environment. Also make sure that somewhere in your browser (different places dependant on the type of browser used) you can see the secured or locked padlock symbol. The padlock ensures that any personal information sent from your computer to our servers will be encoded before it is sent. If you click on the padlock it will provide you with all of the relevant certificate information. This is in place to make your shopping experience safer and more enjoyable. If you have any problems or concerns regarding the site security please contact us immediately on 0844 879 3212.
Credit Card Security
To ensure that your shopping experience with Direct Trade Supplies is even more secure and enjoyable, we are now participating in some more advanced credit card security. We now adopt the Visa Verified and MasterCard SecureCode scheme through our SagePay card processing system. These services provide an essential extra level of security when placing an order on our website. To participate in this you will be required to inform your bank or card issuer and register all of the relevant details with them, and they will be able to provide you with all of the relevant information to proceed further with the scheme.
Other Precautions Our Customers Should Take
Below we have listed some of the ways in which we believe customers can protect themselves whist shopping online on our website and all of the other millions of online stores on the World Wide Web. 

Keep your passwords safe! Don't write them down or store them on your computer; Don't give your password to anyone else to use. It is the Direct Trade Supplies policy never to ask you for your username or password information. If you receive a telephone call or emails asking for this information DO NOT give them anything, they are fraudulent; Change your password straight away if you believe anyone else knows it. This can be done simply by logging into your account and clicking on change password; Make certain that you use a secure password!; Choose a strong password between 8 and 16 characters long; Make sure you use a variety of letters and numbers and ensure it is something you can remember without writing it down but also that it is not something someone would automatically know to try; Ensure you don't use words or combinations that others can guess easily, such as family names or pets names. 

Always log off! One very important point is to always make sure that you click 'Log Off' before leaving our online store, to prevent others from gaining access to your online account area; And finally always close your browser after logging off.
Something's Up!
If you suspect that someone has gained access to your account and they are unauthorised to do so please make sure you contact us immediately on 0844 879 3212 so we can investigate this further and ensure that your information is kept safe and secure. Alternatively you can emails us on