5 Intelligent Security Systems For Home & Work

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In the last ten years the technology involved in devices around the home and office has reached new heights. One of the most advanced departments is the commercial and domestic security genre. It has long been admired for the stealthy way it protects people, establishing itself as a leading category for innovation and product design. Yet in recent years security products have become smaller, tougher and more adaptable, many systems are now fully compatible to work alongside IT and serve multiple purposes rather than hosting just one singular function. 

For what might have seemed unfathomable ten or twenty years ago has morphed into a reality. And the best thing about it? The average homeowner can get involved. Buying intelligent security systems for home and work no longer has to leave a huge dent in your bank account. They are no longer limited to spy novels, James Bond films or high-secure jewellers. Intelligent security systems are readily available for anyone seeking reliable yet sophisticated building surveillance and safety.  

Domestic & Commercial Espionage With Intelligent Security Systems

camera & audio disguised in fire alarm case
Genie CCTV Camera In Fire Alarm Case (Product Code – GC3HSMO/A)

This discreet CCTV system offers a high resolution colour camera and audio recording system for a quality covert performance. Apart from the 4mm lens and Sony 1/3 CCD image sensor its obvious unique selling point is the way the camera hides itself away in a replicated fire alarm case. 

Thousands of people can walk underneath this intelligent CCTV system remaining completely unaware of its full potential. This could be a thorn in the side for any would-be perpetrators scanning the ceiling and walls for surveillance. Little do they know that what they think is a fire safety alarm is actually a beady eye recording their every word and step.

This is a prime example of how the CCTV market continues to find imaginative ways to conceal surveillance products. Perhaps not the most suitable item for domestic situations, but the Genie fire alarm CCTV device can still play a key role in busy public corridors which may be susceptible to planned or opportunistic criminality. 

dusk to dawn lighting sensor
Timeguard Dusk To Dawn Sensor (Product Code – NSLDD1000)

Not to brand modern society as lazy but convenience is a big thing nowadays, and this Timeguard Dusk To Dawn Sensor has it in abundance. This Dusk-to-Dawn sensor switch is a clever lighting accessory which measures the ambience of light outside to indicate whether or not your outdoor lights need switching on. 

Using an IP55 rating the Timeguard sensor is fully resistant to the elements outside. Its quick and fuss-free installation requires little effort to connect up your external lights to the sensor’s port. Once your outdoor lighting and sensor system is successfully integrated it is over to the Dusk To Dawn sensor to do all the hard work. It relies upon intelligent light level programming to work out whether your lighting needs to be triggered into action.

The clue is in its name ‘Dusk To Dawn’, meaning that the connected lights will be switched on when dusk falls but switched off when dawn arrives. Not only will this cycle save you the hassle of turning on your lights manually but it’ll also reduce your electricity usage, this is because the Dusk To Dawn sensor will only be operating at peak times, contrary to conventional outdoor lighting systems that can sometimes be left on all day and night. This automated lighting sensor comes with the obvious safety benefits of being able to see clearly at night time, but as well as this, it will also inadvertently act as a deterrent for home or garden intruders out on the rob.

steinel house number motion sensor light
Steinel Wave Motion Sensor Outdoor Light (Product Code – 655617)

Many outdoor security lights fail in the ‘looks’ department, however gracefully bucking the trend is the Steinel Wave outdoor light. By beautifully combining aesthetics with practicality the Wave light by Steinel is one of the most sought after security lights on the market. The Wave uses two LED panels for brilliantly bright illumination; with one acting as the PIR (Passive Infra-Red Sensor) and the other lighting up the house number.

This outdoor house light not only makes a great contribution to safety outside the home but it’s also a statement feature to be proud of. The way in which the user can personalise the light to display the house number adds a really special touch to this sensor switched light. Although its wavy complexion creates a smooth and fluid appearance the light remains resistant to bad weather and will stand the test of time. 

If that’s not enough you even have the opportunity to flip the light around vertically if preferred. The availability to change the positioning of the light may just mean that you can fit the Wave into your most favoured area which is limited with space. Whether horizontal or vertical, it’ll affect nothing in terms of its performance. Its quality PIR light is loaded with 2x G9 LED lamps and it can be activated from 8 metres away covering a 360 degree angle. This Steinel Wave PIR really is a stylish security light for those who are proud of their home and want to show it off.

pet tolerant intruder alarm kit
Honeywell Pet Tolerant Intruder Alarm Kit (Product Code – 8EP407N)

Having a PIR set up whilst owning a pet can sometimes cause problems but not with the Honeywell Intruder Kit. Coming complete with a pet immunity operation this Honeywell alarm kit will allow your cat or dog the freedom to roam without them ever triggering the alarm. This intruder alarm pack comes complete with all the devices and parts you need to set up and operate a fully functional intruder alarm set.

In the pack you will receive:

  • 1x Control Panel With LCD Keypad
  • 3x Pet Tolerant PIR Sensors
  • 1x Bell Box
  • 2x Door Contacts
  • 1x Panic Attack Button
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x 6 Core Cable

Another great advantage of this Honeywell Pet Tolerant Alarm Kit is its ability to be modified in-line with your home requirements (stairs/number of rooms/volume/triggers). Additional devices from the Honeywell security range can also be applied to the kit should you want to expand and grow your home security system.

door entry keypad
CDVI Galeo Keypad (Product Code – Galeo)

This standalone door entry Galeo keypad by CDVI needs little to no maintenance once it’s set up. The Galeo door entry keypad has a number of selling points, these include its contemporary look, blue glowing backlight, 100 code host-ability and weatherproof IP67 rating. Within the pack you will also receive a remote electronic controller which can be distanced away from the keypad to ensure that the electronics are secure and criminals cannot tamper with the connection.

Another great feat attached to the Galeo door entry keypad is the way it harnesses free voltage technology between 12 and 48Vdc or 12 and 24Vac. External keypads not only have to be weatherproof but it also helps if the model is vandal-proof too, and this is certainly the case with the CDVI Galeo, it’s a tough nut to crack using a shallow profile and super strong materials. For the perfect blend of style and performance this Galeo keypad by CDVI is a front runner for any commercial business looking to withhold their image of a professional outlet.

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