Five Simple Steps: How To Reduce Energy Bills

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All of us would like to reduce energy bills but putting that into action is another thing. Taking time out of our busy schedules to tweak existing routines and systems can be hard, what’s more, understanding and then deciding what changes to actually make can be even harder. Being an electrical wholesaler we thought we’d help you in your mission to deduct your monthly bills, offering you some fast solutions which are more than achievable with our current stock.

Energy Monitor

Reduce Energy Bills With Energy MonitorBefore you make any changes you might want to view how much existing energy you are using. This can be achieved by installing a home energy monitor, which can give you live readings of how much electricity your home is producing. Having an energy monitor in the home can be the antagonist for change, acting as the wake up call you need to reduce energy bills.
The LightwaveRF Energy Monitor is a state-of-the-art model which relies upon a smart phone app to convey it’s readings. Once it’s hooked up to your LightwaveRF Wifi Link, you’ll be able to monitor the exact amount of energy being used. Its advanced real-time energy consumption reader could be just what you need to keep tabs on your energy output.

Heating Controls

lightwaverf smart thermostatTo ensure you retain a consistent heat in the home but you don’t waste any unneeded energy, then a reliable thermostat or even better – a smart thermostat, can keep your strict heating schedules bang in check. In the winter time especially, the heating will be an absolute necessity for maintaining a comfortable living environment. Yet with this usage comes soaring bills, however even the most basic of digital thermostats can help you to reduce its rise.

Providing they have an accurate timer and a display screen, you should be able to keep well on top of the heating you’re using. More advanced models, in particular smart thermostats, go one step further and offer extra controls to fine tweak your heating output and routine.

The LightwaveRF room thermostat allows users to customise their heating the smart way. By connecting these devices to your smart phone app you can specify the exact times, days, temperatures and even what radiators you want to produce heat. You even have the chance to link your home thermostats up with a LightwaveRF boiler switch, further personalising your heating arrangements.


Reduce Energy Bills LEDsOne of the biggest improvements in helping to reduce energy bills has come from the lighting industry. It took a while for consumers to trust and get to grips with the advantages of using LEDs, but in the last five years there has been a major shift in attitudes and energy efficient lighting has become one of the most sought after accessories for modern homes and businesses. The current champions of energy efficient lighting are LEDs and most LED light bulbs now deliver a 90% more energy efficient output compared to their energy hungry counterparts – CFL, halogen and incandescent bulbs.

LED light bulbs not only provide a simple and easily achievable change to help reduce energy bills but they are also more robust, more flexible and have extra colours to play with. LEDs can be bought in a raw and refined modular or come completed inside of a bulb. LED modules can be made into very small pieces which means they are extremely adaptable for other small technologies, a feat that cumbersome traditional lamps failed to achieve. LED bulbs have also opened up the doors for extra vibrancy. You can now buy light bulbs that produce elaborate colourways rather than just cool or warm white beams.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Timeguard PIR floodlight Reduce Energy BillsSticking with lighting, motion sensor lights are a convenient way to light up the area as well as also helping to reduce energy bills. Motion sensors will guarantee that any light switched on is being used for a good reason. Motion sensor lighting uses intelligent PIRs (Passive Infra-Red) sensors to only switch on the light when movement is detected. This means that the lamps remain inactive until they are truly needed and will then automatically turn off again after you past.

Motion sensor lights not only provide homeowners with an eco-conscious choice but they deliver a convenient and laid back approach to lighting controls. There’s no need to walk over to a switch and turn it on because you can go about your business knowing it’ll switch on when you walk pass. Motion sensor lights are also favoured for outdoor lighting applications, posing as a great benefit for dark mornings and nights, as well as supplying the home with further security as it’s thought motion sensor lights also help to deter would-be thieves from entering the property.

Only Use It, When You Need It

Reduce Energy Bills Switch & SocketThis is a fairly obvious tip but nonetheless it still gets overlooked. One of the easiest ways to reduce energy bills is to only switch on the items you need, at that present time. Leaving on lights, appliances and any other electrical accessories when you aren’t using them can all contribute to rising energy bills. Whether it’s a games console, lighting or the kitchen radio, if you no longer require its services then switch it off!

In scenarios where you’ve just sat down after a long day of household chores, a day in the office or looking after the kids, you’ll be forgiven for not wanting to get up again to switch of an appliance you are no longer using; but the catch 22 is that you’ll be eating away unwanted energy. For moments like these there are smart products out there that can make turning off switches and sockets extremely easy. LightwaveRF switches & sockets can be controlled from a smart phone app or branded remote control, this means that you can remain seated but still turn off the appliances you no longer need.

There are various ways in which you can help yourself reduce energy bills. They needn’t be massive overhauls either, because a lot of the changes cost very little money and some improvements are even free! Please explore the entirety of our website, you are sure to find at least a few items to help you combat those rising energy bills.