Bollard Lights Supervising The Garden With Strength & Style.

Ice Hotel, Lillehammer Winter Park. Lighting by Collingwood.
Ice Hotel, Lillehammer Winter Park. Lighting by Collingwood.

The masters of garden task lighting, harmoniously balancing statement style with a wealth of practicality, stand up and salute the strength and elegance of bollard lights. The bollard was originally planned for marine environments and held an important role for ‘mooring’ – when a boat or ship is securely attached to a harbour side or dock. The bollard was later rolled out into urban spots, acting as a barrier post to prevent vehicles from passing. Now? They’ve wiped away the seaweed and blown off the car fumes to take on a more glamorous responsibility; lighting our gardens, drive ways, decking and paths.

Here at Direct Trade Supplies we stock a whole host of bollard lights. Each complete to command your grounds, no matter how big or small, and deliver light where it’s needed most. What sets bollard lighting away from the majority of garden lights is the way in which they offer a decorative edge as well as a practical source of light. Whether it’s made from high quality Iroko wood to compliment natural surroundings or its brushed stainless steel to present an air of glossy class, the bollard light comes in many forms.

Within our expansive range of bollard lights we reflect selections from some of the biggest, most trusted and innovative lighting brands around. We are proud to supply bollard lights made by the likes of Collingwood Lighting, Aurora Lighting, Saxby Lighting and Robus. The unrivalled quality and style connected to the bollard lights we sell has seen them be installed by some of the most prestigious people and places across the world. This includes the likes of the Ice Hotel in Lillehammer Winter Park, Norway and contemporary restaurant The Star Inn The City in York, England.

Collingwood Lighting Bollards

bollard drive and garden

As long as your bollard light possesses the correct IP rating, which guarantees safe performance in the face of bad weather – then there’s the opportunity to apply these lights on multiple surfaces. Demonstrated by the two images to the left, you can see how the Collingwood Lighting Iroko 1 LED and Iroko 3 LED bollards’ are applied on both wooden decking and concrete patio grounds.

After noticing the expensive car parked up in the drive and the well refined garden terrace you maybe thinking that these Iroko wood bollards are out of your price range? Well let us surprise you, these Collingwood bollard lights range from £200, peaking at around £300 each. That means if you saved £50 a month, in four months time you’ll be well on your way to gaining not just a practical garden light but a feature statement to improve the presence of your home or venue.

This particular bollard light will ensure great guidance for any area with potential hazards such as steps, ponds or uneven rackety paths. At just 1 metre tall, pumping out a 4W LED light source into a 110 degree remit, the Iroko bollard considers function as well as looks. Whether wet or dry the Iroko wood bollard will stand the test of time and continue to be a domineering asset to the garden, patio or driveway.

Saxby Lighting Bollards

Away from the organic prowess of the Iroko bollard comes other models which are equally reliable and easy on the eye. Step forth our diverse range of Saxby bollard lights, displaying a broad range of shapes, styles and efficiency. Saxby are another lighting brand that boasts a fantastic catalogue of indoor and outdoor lights. In comparison to the high-brow guise of Collingwood, Saxby Lighting are perhaps a bit more affordable for the average homeowner. Although we have over 30 Saxby bollard lights none of them exceed £100.

saxby lighting bollardsJust because they step cheaper, it doesn’t suggest they lack any of the quality or charm expressed by their pricier counterparts. Our jamboree of Saxby Lighting bollards can still play a vital role in bettering the look and function of your garden. Here are four bollard lights to mull over, each guaranteed to excel in the garden and produce enough light to see you safely through the night.

The picture demonstrates the different aesthetic qualities explored within our Saxby Lighting bollard range. The traditional structure of the road bollard is echoed by the Saxby Fenton light. With both black and grey (pictured) colours available, the Fenton bollard uses a clear enclosure at the top to emit a gorgeous 60w glow.

Slender, sleek and streamline are the words to sum up the elegant York bollard light. Its slim stem and delicate top can’t help but reflect a feminine touch. Offering a modern approach on a classic design, the York bollard works in conjunction with the entire York range by Saxby Lighting; comprising of a standard wall light, PIR wall light and a smaller York light post.

The Icana and Odyssey bollard lights are unique in the sense that they feature two individual lamps, providing a greater wealth of light and extending the design to create further stature and detail. Both deliver a substantial 35w power output yet they differ in terms of appearance. The Twin Icana bollard resonates a smooth minimalistic demeanour whereas the Twin Odyssey bollard relies upon its solid stainless steel coat to transfer a classy sheen.

Robus & Aurora Lighting Bollards

To complete this article on bollard lighting we have to divulge in two other leading names in the domestic and commercial lighting sector, Robus and Aurora Lighting. Both brands are pioneers in the lighting industry, ploughing an enormous amount of man hours into the development of LED technology and lighting design. They have won numerous awards commemorating their achievements as lighting manufacturers.

The Aurora Lighting bollard selection oozes sophistication – you can’t put a price on quality, so although their models may be some of the dearest online, they are undoubtedly worth it. Robus on the other-hand are a brand whose concentration lies within indoor lighting and the evolution of LEDs. Having said this, we still have a few Robus bollard lights that can compliment your landscape outdoors.

aurora and robus bollard lightsReminiscent of a statuesque work of abstract art, the Aurora Lighting Modern Minimal bollard light seeps contemporary style. Another thing that seeps is the dispersement of the light; projecting downwards from both sides of the cut-out to produce a unique illumination whilst reducing light pollution. This minimal bollard light uses 3w of power for high performance but low operational costs. Along with its low energy LED this minimal bollard comes complete with an integral LED driver and a powder coated corrosion-resistant finish, for superb shielding against all the elements.

Another fancy model by Aurora is the Modern Slender bollard light. This Aurora light, just like the one above, showcases a downward beam distribution using a carved cavity to reflect the light onto the floor area below. This again leaves little room for light pollution to occur, its 3w beam will concentrate on the location that needs it the most, rather than the beam being wasted on ineffective areas. The durable anodised corrosion finish makes this a stern contender that can brush off water spray and drips with ease.

The third and final Aurora Lighting bollard provides a two-textured finish using anodised aluminium for a resistant shine married with a frosted white top. The top of this light uses a polycarbonate screw top diffuser making bulb replacing a fuss free task. Using a 13w lamp for a quality bright light and attached with an integral magnetic ballast, you will be supplied with a stylish force of light for many years to come.

Last but not least is the Robus bollard light, a structure inspired by traditional bollards, displaying its lamp right at the top inside of a gridded dome cover. This purposeful bollard kicks out 60w of lighting power to illuminate your garden, drive or patio no end. Its clear diffuser will bolster the quality of light producing a crisp beam that will never go unnoticed. A great pick for anyone looking for a ‘no nonsense’ bollard light.

So there we have it, a supreme collection of just SOME of the bollard lighting readily available at Direct Trade Supplies. We’ve said it before, but buying a bollard light will not only have you inheriting a practical lighting solution outdoors, but you’ll also be implementing a stunning focal point.

You don’t have to be well off to feel the benefits of bollard lights because we feature many affordable models within the economy range. Yet if you are destined to display top of the range external lighting then we can assist you on your journey by steering you towards our luxury range. Whatever the model, whatever the brand and whatever the price, you will receive a safe, efficient and top performing lighting system for the great outdoors.

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