Brand Review: Ansell Lighting.

ansell lighting

Originally launched in 1992 Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ansell Lighting have since spread their illuminated wings into England and abroad. They are currently a go-to brand for a vast genre of lighting needs, including amenity and display lighting for aesthetic designs, commercial and emergency lighting for retail stores as well as industrial and floodlighting for big set ups that require a powerful wealth of light.

On a domestic level Ansell Lighting provide that much needed value for money. They remain an approachable brand name by launching intelligent yet affordable domestic lighting. This can be demonstrated by their extremely popular selection of downlights the Orbio360 and newly launched iCage Mini. The Orbio360 downlight struck such a cord that it helped Ansell Lighting win the ‘Best New Product’ at the Electrical Wholesaler Awards 2015.

iCame, iSaw, iConquered – The iCage

ansell-icage-bundleHowever well received the Orbio360 was, Ansell Lighting were not settled on basking in their own glory. The iCage downlight is their newest range and by early calculations it also promises to be a major success in the downlight market.

The iCage Mini homes a GU10 lampholder and shares optimum lamp life by using its unique low temperature cage design (hence the name). The downlights, which are available in multiple bezel finishes, is fully tested and compliant to Part B, Part C and Part E regulations, with fire ratings of 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

With lowercage height for reduced ceiling voids, super slim bezel profiles and a twist-lock design the iCage Mini poses both an attractive and practical solution for ceiling lighting. It’s not just the light that’s impressive as the marketing team at Ansell Lighting have made one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind by portraying the launch of the iCage Mini as a galactic feat that Neil Armstrong would be proud of.

Commercial Lighting With Delta Bulkheads & Emergency Signage

deltaAs well as their domestic lighting options Ansell also produce a catalogue of commercial lights, fitting for offices, retail stores and hospitality venues. One range that continues to provide light for a whole host of commercial stores is the Delta bulkhead. Ansell Lighting have manufactured models suitable for both internal and external applications, with each Delta bulkhead demonstrating consistency in robustness and quality. 

Moving with the times Ansell Lighting produced LED versions of the Delta bulkhead which accompanies their compact fluorescent models. The recent thirst for energy saving lighting has seen Ansell deeply concentrate on LED integrated lamps. As well as using the latest LED technology, some Delta bulkheads have implemented microwave sensors in order to detect movement before the light is triggered – another great ploy to conserve energy.

exit signEmergency lighting is also a bright sector for Ansell. Emergency signs, emergency downlights and emergency bulkheads are all available to buy to help businesses prepare for power cuts and emergency situations. Having backup lighting installed will give employers, employees and tenants peace of mind that if there was ever a black out an alternative light source can still be counted on. Ansell Lighting also produce emergency signs which will help to direct people to exit doors in their time of need.

No matter how big or small, if you own a business or you are a landlord renting out your property to tenants then you should be well aware of the importance of emergency lighting. With your latest project or maintenance check you now have the opportunity to install reliable and energy efficient emergency lights by Ansell Lighting. These will save you effort, money and will ultimately have you abiding by building safety regulations.

So Why Should You Select Ansell Lighting?

Be it for domestic, commercial or industrial applications, Ansell Lighting will provide you with an extremely reliable product. What’s more Ansell Lighting deliver a comprehensive range of lights which are able to solve all of the most sought after lighting needs – safety, style and practicality. In terms of pricing they are a cut above the rest, supplying people with very affordable models making them a clear advantage over other similar brand names that can sometimes appear to be too dear to entertain.

With designers and engineers working hard to resolve existing lighting irks whilst also keeping a close eye on future trends, designs and technology, Ansell Lighting are sure to carry on their formidable reign as a trusted and leading name within the domestic and commercial lighting industry. So if you are looking for quality yet affordable downlights for your kitchen at home or alternatively, some emergency lights for your office at work; remember Ansell Lighting when you are taking a browse, because odds on they’ll be able to provide you with a cracking solution.

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