Brand Review: Collingwood Lighting

Collingwood Lighting: Specialists In Internal & External LED Lights

collingwood logoCollingwood Lighting is one of only a few brand names currently leading the way in LED innovation. A combination of high quality materials, aesthetically pleasing styles and the integration of new technologies has seen this designer lighting brand become a real favourite with not only homeowners but professionals too.

Although based in Northampton, you can find Collingwood lights installed in a variety of properties and landscapes across the world; from up market stately homes such as Castle Howard, to Newcastle University as well as any average Joe who requires reliable and stylish lights for their ceiling. The attractive designs, attention to detail, resistant qualities, LED technology, ease of instalment and continual product development has seen anyone and everyone embrace the brand.

Collingwood Lighting For Indoors

halers h2 pro downlights


Potentially one of our most popular downlight models, the Collingwood H2 Pro Halers range. The main advantage of the H2 Pro range is how they’ve already integrated high quality LEDs into the fixture, helping to create an all-in-one formula to kill all the birds at once.

The newest Haler models produce a level of light which is 80% brighter than traditional GU10 halogen fittings also being 40% brighter than GU10 LED replacements. With a 60 degree beam angle you are sure to get a wide distribution of light making them the perfect choice for both commercial and domestic properties looking for stylish yet practical ambient lighting.

With 11 coloured bezels to pick from as well as varying bezel shapes such as circular and square, the Halers H2 Pro have the potential to complement any existing interior theme. These contemporary downlights are also fully fire rated to 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

Who Has Collingwood Halers?

Aakash Restaurant – Cleckheaton

Metrodome Leisure Centre – Barnsley

Newcastle United Football Club – Newcastle

Hotel Val d’isere – France

Raithwaite Hall – Whitby

Canalside Sports Complex – Huddersfield

collingwood wall lights

Wall lights are predominantly used as secondary lighting also known as accent lighting, although playing second fiddle to main ceiling lights – Collingwood’s range of wall lighting demonstrates that they can still have a great impact on your home. The Collingwood wall light selection is made up of a variety of styles and guises, including ‘up & down’ lights, cube wall lights, colour changing LED models as well as the striking fan effect wall light pictured in all it’s glory below.

fan effect wall light collingwood

Whether you want outlandish or subtle; Collingwood wall lights tick all the boxes. They remain sturdy once applied and are often connected straight to mains to make the installation process a little bit easier. If you need extra light in your rooms why not do it with style by browsing our range of Collingwood wall lights.

Collingwood Lighting For Outdoors

collingwood outdoor bollard lights

Standing strong on the drive, the garden path and by the entrance gates are these Collingwood bollard lights. Made from solid timber – Iroko wood and sanded down to create a smooth exterior these bollard lights remain a popular fixture in gardens across the UK and beyond.

Essentially used as task lighting to aid visibility when night falls, these Collingwood bollards are also a statement piece and something to be proud of. Depending on the strength of light you need, these wooden bollard lights can feature one, two or three LED bulbs, with one bulb delivering a 30 degree span and three bulbs covering a 110 degree beam distribution.

Who Has Collingwood Bollards?

The Star Inn The City – York

collingwood outdoor ground lights

Shining light from the floor below are these highly resistant Collingwood ground lights. Ground lights can be used is a discreet option for outdoor lighting, this is because they provide you light but stay embedded into the ground, making the surface area and volume of the actual fixture minimal.

The majority of Collingwood ground lights are sunk into patios and decking, whereas others go further and can be fully submerged into water for use in ponds and jacuzzis. Many of these ground lights come fully supported with walk over and drive over qualities meaning they can withstand plenty of weight when driven or walked over.

Who Has Collingwood Ground Lights?

Elysium Hotel – Cyprus

Canalside Sports Complex – Huddersfield

collingwood spike light banner

Spike lights are one of the most flexible and easily implemented of all the outdoor Collingwood lighting. Using a strong yet sharp spiked bottom these lights will stand firm in any moist and muddy ground. Their sleek and slender frame means that they’ll take up little room, avoiding becoming a bulky eyesore for the garden.

Each Collingwood spike light comes with a different designed head lamp, giving you selection on how much beam distribution you need and what style you’d like your garden lights to reflect. These spike lights also vary in wattage power, with 1w, 3w and 4w spike light models available.

Who Has Collingwood Spike Lights?

Aix En Provence, Hotel – France

Mill Stream – Suffolk

Tatton Flower Show

If you’ve spotted anything that you think could improve the function or image of your home then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch. We can give you prices and availability on all desired Collingwood lighting. To check out the full range please go here: Collingwood Brand.


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