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What type of CCTV Camera is best for you?

Whether it’s keeping your home or business secure, there is no doubt CCTV has proven to be an extremely effective way to help prevent or solve crime. Due to the cost of home security coming down in price from suppliers, more and more people are opting in for this affordable safe keeping. If you’re overwhelmed with the extensive selection of surveillance cameras on offer, then us here at Direct Trade Supplies are here to break down the basics.

Turret Cameras

Turret (or Eyeball) cameras feature a compact and discrete style, maintaining nice and tidy in the area you choose to assemble. Whether indoors or outdoors, these cameras are suitable for all weather conditions, which is a massive advantage worth taking note when choosing your set up. Their ball and socket design also lets you freely move horizontally and vertically with absolute ease. Of course, capturing the right footage is essential for any CCTV owner, and thanks to their flat face design there is a huge reduction in any IR detection or glare, keeping your footage crisp. One downside that should be noted is that anyone who notices the camera can see which direction it is facing (unlike Dome Cameras).

Bullet Cameras

Because of their usually large presence, the Bullet Cameras tend to stand out more, meaning they are a huge visual deterrent to any criminal that might see it. They typically have more powerful IR LEDs and telephoto lenses for capturing scenes or objects much further away, retaining that clear motion detection. This is where this design strives over others. The sun shield helps prevent any glare which is usually more noticeable on cameras with larger focal lengths. (The only downside to this is the fact that spiders are attracted to the warmth from the IR LED’s, causing them to make home in front of your lens). As a result of the shape, its easy installation means you will be able to get your camera up and running in no time.

Dome Cameras

Coming in such a compact size, these discreet cameras are a tricky way for anyone to see which way the camera is facing. The dome shape is a big threat to criminals, maximising the areas you’re scouting significantly to 180 or 360 degrees, giving a much bigger advantage over the other camera types. It is worth noting that these cameras are best to be used either inside or in a well sheltered area because the rain runs over the surface when mounted vertically on a wall, causing distortion. Multiple ranges of external casing means that they’re more visually appealing, while also blending into its surroundings.

If you’re contemplating purchasing home security from Direct Trade Supplies, our range of Hikvision products are a brand you can trust. Proving the very best surveillance gear in the market you are guaranteed to receive a top-quality product built to last. At such an affordable price, why not improve your domestic or home security today? You will not be disappointed.

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