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Here at Direct Trade Supplies we take pride in stocking a gorgeous and distinctive collection of modern bollard lights and other types of outdoor lighting, that can brighten up your garden or driveway. Our KSR Lighting collection features some of the most sumptuous and stylish lighting currently available on the market! Whether you want to create the theme of your garden with traditional lighting or modern lighting. KSR have a wide selection to suit your personality and style.

Are you looking to upgrade your bollards?

Our extensive range of KSR Lighting bollards make for a stylish, contemporary look to make a statement wherever you might be installing them. This is why we at DTS have decided to put together our choice of products to help you along the way with choosing the right lighting for your home, office or commercial building outdoor area.


The 8W KSR Lighting Andria Range are perfect for lining entryways, surrounding garden areas, and designating parking zones since they serve as a clear boundary and a bold demarcation of any surrounding area. For your back garden, this is also a fantastic outdoor post! Do you live in a wet part of the UK? Well It’s water-resistant! All thanks to it’s high IP66 rating. For a magnificent impact outside, this bollard is finished in either white or dark grey / anthracite tone.

These range in a height of 400 mm, 750mm or 1000mm, depending on what best suites your property. Made of cast aluminium & a polycarbonate lens, the Andria bollards have a life expectancy up to 30,000 hours & feature a whopping 2 year warranty! So you can order with confidence knowing if anything was to go wrong, you’ll be covered. In addition a concrete mounting kit is also available to purchase separately)


Ideal for homes and commercial properties, The KSR Lighting Calanda 8.5W 3000K LED bollard posts provide widespread, bright directional lighting to illuminate pathways, driveways and landscaped gardens. Both functional and decorative, these lamp posts make highly versatile outdoor lighting. Its directed shape makes it appropriate for settings where light intrusion is a concern. An anthracite colour finish is presented, enhancing that contemporary addition to your home or business. Along with two-year warranty & life expectancy up to 40,000 hours, you can’t go wrong with these lamp post’s quality. Whether installing on a driveway or a small path, the KSR Lighting Calanda 8.5w 3000K LED bollards range size from a 250mm, 450mm & 650mm. We’ve got you covered!



Suggestive of the elegant work of abstract art, the KSR Quinto bollard lights seeps contemporary style. Bollard lights are all the style right now. They can add a certain something to the exterior of your home. Some are designed to resemble tall, classic light posts. While others (like these) are sleek and current. Extremely unique to what’s to offer on the market, you must check out the KSR Lighting Quinto 13W 3000K LED bollards in anthracite.

Whichever option you choose for your outdoor space, you won’t have to worry about having the right LED bulb for it as these bollards are fully integrated. Remember, you don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy the benefits of owning these bollard lights due to their affordable price, while also sharing a similar elegance to top-of-the-line outdoor lighting bollards. Whatever budget you choose, you’ll get a safe, efficient, and high-performing lighting system for the great outdoors.


Bollard lights are all the style right now, and they can add a certain something to the exterior. While some are designed to resemble tall, classic light posts, others (like these) are sleek and contemporary. Whichever option you choose for your outdoor space, be sure you have the right LED bulb for it and that the colour temperature is right for you. When you’re purchasing a bollard light, it’s always good to be sure it’s durable and waterproof so that it can endure the elements. These KSR Lighting Viella 8.5w 3000K LED Bollards are exactly that! Including an IP54 rating you know they endure the harsh British wet & cold winters! It’s stunning warm orange glow enhances a more cosy radiance in comparison to the other KSR lamp posts. A perfect welcome home after hard day in the office.


Presenting a more traditional look, the KSR Lighting Coria CCT LED Bollards (Black) features colour changing temperature (CCT). Meaning, this bollard is available in from warm white (3000K), cool white (4000K) all the way up to (6000K). Warm white has a muted and yellowish tone, akin to that of an old incandescent light bulb, but cold white is a brilliant and penetrative colour temperature that will be great for late-night gardening. To give you a brighter, whiter colour temperature. Therefore with just a flick of a switch you can have your bollards your way! The Coria bollards come complete with a concrete kit for extra sturdiness so you won’t have to worry about these ever toppling over. KSR are dedicated to providing the ultimate lighting solution for you.

We’re proud here at DTS to welcome a whole new top quality range from our brand new supplier: KSR Lighting. Whether you’re looking for interior, exterior, commercial or residential, we know that we’ll have the lighting for you.

In addition, we have many more bollards from many different manufacturers so be sure browse our site. Any questions and queries we’re always happy to help!

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