Collingwood Lighting Lifestyle Shots


Sometimes you have to see it to believe it and viewing a lighting system at product level can have you racking your brains about how the finished piece will look – this is exactly why we’ve put together a montage of Collingwood Lighting lifestyle shots.

This luxury lighting brand promises quality and we hope by showing them in action you’ll see that they deliver. Hundreds of households have installed their lights, but not just that, hundreds of venues and commercial outlets have embraced Collingwood Lighting too.

To demonstrate their reign and results, we welcome you to take a browse through just a few examples of how, where and why these lights can improve locations. So let’s explore these inspiring interiors and the great outdoors with Collingwood Lighting.

Illuminating Tree Canopies With Collingwood GL007A Ground Lights

tree canopies both

Illuminating Garden Trellis Structures With Collingwood GL038A Ground Lights


Sparkle University Courtyards With Collingwood GL008A Ground Lights


Create Colour Shows For Feature Walls With Collingwood GL007RGB Ground Lights


Glisten Wet & Wonderful Decking With Collingwood GL019 Spot Lights


Glowing Bursts Over Brickwork & Paving With Collingwood OctoLED Wall Lights

Delicately Pin Point Beams With Collingwood Spike Lights

spike lights collective

Marshal The Great Outdoors With Collingwood Iroko Wood Bollard Lights

Accentuate Garden Gazebos & Marquees With Collingwood Wall Washer Lights


Shine A Smart Wealth Of Light With Collingwood H2 PRO Downlights

Unwind In Clarity With Collingwood H2 LITE Downlights


Seek Refuge In Style With Collingwood GL021 Slot Lights


Highlight The Hallway With Collingwood WL050 Low Level Wall Lights


Hum Hues Across Your Wall Space With Collingwood ML03 Decorative Minis


Spread The Sun Beam With Collingwood WL041 Fan Effect Wall Lights


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