collingwood smart lighting guide

Is Smart Lighting For You?

Thinking of adding a touch of Smart Lighting to your life?

Look no further than Collingwood Lighting’s latest range, Collingwood smart lighting. Whatever is needed to help complete your journey to full home automation, Collingwood Lighting are sure to have the solution. To take the plunge into this smart lighting range all you will need is the Collingwood Smart Hub connected to your Wi-Fi and to download the CWD smart app onto your smartphone device or tablet, IT’S SIMPLE!

Why use Collingwood Smart Lighting?

Collingwood Smart connects to your home Wi-Fi to allow you complete control over your smart devices through the CWD app, alternatively you can use it with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. But the main question you are asking is what separates Collingwood from the rest, well let us explain.

What Makes Collingwood’s Smart Lighting Unique?

The Smart Lighting range introduced by Collingwood can make the ordinary extraordinary, with just a few pieces of optimization you can convert those knackered old downlights into Smart downlights so you can keep all your existing fittings, using this method will surely bring your home into the 21st century while being cost effective.

What else does the Smart Lighting range offer

Its not just downlights Collingwood can modernise, they have a full range of smart bulbs (Commonly known as Lamps) which can be used instead of those old Halogens you still have installed. Did i mention that Collingwood’s Smart Lighting range is powered by the latest innovation in LED technology. Simply put, they use 75% less energy when compared to your traditional Incandescent or Halogen. Since we’re talking about Halogens, a standard Halogen Bulb has a lifespan of 2,000Hrs. That’s roughly two years when the bulb is used for approximately 3 hours a day. I’m not sure how I feel, having to go out every two years and replace my old Halogens especially when i have a full houses’ worth of bulbs!

How does Collingwood Smart Lighting compare to your everyday Halogen?

Collingwood’s Smart lighting boasts a lifespan of 25,000Hrs, that’s around 14 years of use in the average household. When we compare the Smart bulb’s lifespan to that of the Halogen we get a 1150% increase in longevity just for switching to smart. This alone is just one of the many reasons I choose to have Smart Bulbs from Collingwood in my house.

The full range offered by Collingwood.

The Smart system on offer from Collingwood brags three smart bulbs options: E27 Smart Bulbs, GU10 Smart Bulbs and B22 Smart Bulbs. Each option of bulb also has 3 different variations to choose from. First off you can choose to have a 2700K warm white dimmable Smart Bulb, or what about a CCT Colour Changeable Smart Bulbs which allows you to cycle through 64,000 different shades of white. Alternatively if these two fantastic options don’t tickle your fancy how about a RGBW Smart Bulb which is also offered by the Smart Range, being able to change your bulbs from blue to green to purple with a simple voice command can be surprisingly satisfying.

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