Commercial lighting plan service now available at DTS

We want to help all our customers who are seeking to start a new project and want detailed analysis on the appropriate luminaires and lux levels in designated areas. As of May 2018 our customers will be able receive tailored advice from our in-house team, creating you a lighting plan to enable a smooth transition from visualisation to implementation of your new project.

The service we will provide you contains advice on the appropriate fittings for your project whether they are interior or exterior installations, followed up with photometric data of fittings and a visual representation of how the light will look and perform in each area.



To determine your ambient, accent and task lighting, think of all the possible uses this space offers. Keep in mind that some spaces have multiple functions. Even at different times of the day. To establish your accent or spot lighting, let us know any architectural or decorative features that you may want to display. Having access to a huge variety of established manufacturers with comprehensive product portfolios, we are confident of achieving the best value and quality for the needs and budget of your project.

The online questionnaire is quick and simple to complete giving you a chance to add additional ideas to your design allowing us to tailor the service so every detail you require is taken into consideration.


Final thoughts before undertaking our questionnaire…

What will the space be used for?

Which areas do you want to highlight?

At what times of day will people be in this room?

Where does the natural light come in?

Is there a certain style trying to be created? Is the building modern or traditional for example.


Follow the link to try our lighting design questionnaire today or call on 01752 261211 to hear more about the service.