Create A Special Ambience Outside By Using Colour Changing LEDs

colour changing ledsMany homeowners end up implementing ground lights, security lights or motion sensors outside their home, but to truly complement your gardens scenery, colour changing LEDs should also be considered. Using just a simple set of controls, either commanded by a remote control or a smartphone app, you have complete and utter ruling over how and when your colours can change.

A lot has been said about LEDs in recent years, how they can save you money on your bills or how they’re are becoming the catalyst for a greener home, yet their colourful flexibility and mood changing capability is often overlooked.

Mood lighting is an attractive option for near enough anyone wants to embrace a more welcoming atmosphere. Colour changing LEDs, also known as RGBs (Red, Green & Blue) are commonly applied to commercial environments. Hospitality venues benefit massively from this type of lighting, with its core function and goal to entice potential customers and create a warm setting for visitors who step inside.

Although RGBs can be found lighting up contemporary bars, hotels and retail stores, the garden can also capitalise on this special kind of lighting. Colourful outdoor LEDs can be used as a grand statement for neighbours, friends and family to marvel at or alternatively can act as cunning accessories to finalise, tweak and accentuate already established garden features.

Where To Use Colour Changing LEDs In The Garden?

If you’ve got a particular location in the garden which you’d like to highlight, such as a feature wall, bed of flowers, ornaments and pottery, fruit and veg patch, extravagant trellis or even a pet burial then installing colour changing or even a fixed colour LED lights can help to bring all eyes to the area.

Of course, you don’t even need to have a cast iron reason to inherit RGBs outside. Simply setting up some colour changing LEDs in front of your home can help to formulate a scenic and atmospheric vibe. Your property is sure to stand out compared to the row of homes illuminated by standard white lights.

led house

Lounging at the barbecue, drinking brews, can be made all the more comforting under the colourful warming glow of colour changing lights. If you are feeling extra naughty and you’re a throwing a house party then these types of colour changing lights will coincide brilliantly with playing music.

Colour Changing LEDs For Special Seasonal Events

led halloween houseColour changing LEDs are also known to appear during novel events such as Halloween. Elaborate garden landscapes are often crafted up, all be it mainly in America, consisting of makeshift gravestones, skeletons and coffins, accompanied with RGB lighting to aid the accentuation of these gruesome features.

This set up is categorised as ‘effect lighting’, but once Halloween has been and gone it doesn’t mean the lights have to be packed away because there’s plenty of less spooky ways to integrate these LEDs into the garden.

Dishing out more colour and light in the garden is an appealing thought for anyone, yet there’s still a misconception that LEDs won’t be able to supply sufficient power, rest assured, this is just rumours.

LEDs can now provide the same if not more strength than standard halogens and fluorescents. Not only will they portray your garden and home in a beautiful multicoloured light but they will save you money on your energy bills.

Whether it’s RGB uplighters, LED strips or colour changing ground lights, you now have the opportunity to complete the perfect ambience in the garden. The garden is an extension of the home so why not start treating it with the same respect and aspiration as you do with your interiors. Those relaxing midnight chinwags and evening garden parties could be made all the more inviting with this kind of outdoor lighting installed.

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