CT101C All In One Junction Box & Connection System

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An electricians job can often be fiddly and risky, that’s why little devices such as the Click CT101C are such a convenience. This all in one junction box and connection system provides a lightweight, easy to use and safely operated alternative to bulkier more expensive models. Specifically designed for lighting circuits to help enable isolation of transformers and control gear, it conducts the 1000v Insulation Resistance Test.

Testing lighting circuits can take a lot of effort for electricians. Failure to disconnect transformers or ballasts from the circuit will see the ‘Mega’ test blow the electronics, subsequently amplifying costs, labour and more worryingly adding a dangerous risk to those involved. The Click Flow CT101C can now assist electricians with the disconnection of electronics from the luminaire whilst the MEGA 1000V test is executed.

How Does The CT101C Work?

Safety benefits sees the CT101C all in one junction box and connection system designed in such as way that the male and female connectors can only be mated in one way. The male hosts an application for cabling dimensions of 1.5mm² 3 core maximum with cord restraint for flex, with the female 3×2.5mm² twin and earth (with additional loop terminal).

The CT101C is manufactured for 250V-20A Max applications with the connectors having ‘backed off’ screw terminals with slotted/cross heads. The lighting connector and flow connector supplies an all in one junction box and large terminals for extremely easy access.

Further CT101C Specs:

  • Suitable for a range of applications including unbroken ring wire installations.
  • Small and compact design is unobtrusive and suitable for limited space applications.
  • Moulded using high quality material to ensure a reliable and long lasting design.
  • 250v – 20A Plug-In Connector
  • Large terminals for simple use
  • Lock and release mechanism
  • Versatile connection system
  • Male: Max 1.5mm 3 core cable / Female: Max 3×2.5mm twin & earth (with additional loop terminal).

The Best Bit?

So other than it being a nifty piece of electrician equipment, Direct Trade Supplies are offering the CT101C for a super duper price. How much? £1.54 (Inc VAT), quite the coup. We have hundreds of these CT101C’s readily lined up to be purchased from our online store. So come get’em.

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