Disabled & Nurse Alarm Systems For Commercial & Domestic Use

Whether it’s for a care home or a vulnerable individual living at home – disabled and nurse alarm systems are vital pieces of equipment. Having the correct safety alarms in place will work as a two-way comforter; for the elderly, disabled or vulnerable and the carers themselves. All involved will be given peace of mind, knowing that should anything happen the carer and the cared for will be able to communicate.

In some scenarios it is an absolute must to implement disabled and nurse alarm systems. Places such as hospitals and care homes are obliged to conform to safety standards and provide relevant systems to support the vulnerable, disabled or elderly. Some individuals are not able to communicate or lack mobility to seek help so it’s essential that pull cords, trigger alarms and panic buttons are rigged up to a reliable alerting system.

Nurse Alarm Systems For Care Homes, Nursing Homes & Hospitals

zonal alarmsAs mentioned, some locations need to abide by the rules and regulations of having suitable alarm systems in place. The very nature of care and nursing professions is to supply a round the clock service for people who can no longer independently care for themselves. Of course every case is different, some require extra care and attention whereas others will only require help in certain circumstances. But what is absolutely clear is that the necessity of having the means to contact and alert someone is there, should something take place.

Most hospitals, care homes and nursing homes use a complete kit, made by the same brand, to ensure that a fully compatible and continual cycle of safety measures is retained. The hub of these systems are usually called control panels. Commonly connected to designated alarms within patient or resident rooms, living areas and even carried or attached to the individual – the control panel is the go-to outlet to help distinguish who and where is calling for assistance. Most control panels feature buttons that illuminate once an alarm is triggered. These buttons will represent the room or person from which the alarm sounded helping to indicate the exact location.

Depending on the size of the nursing or care home you will need to work out how many ‘zones’ have to be covered. Most control panels highlight what zonal operation they can run – two zones will cover two rooms, four zones will cover four rooms and so on. Various alarms and emergency buttons can be hooked up to the main control panel. Some nurses and carers have their very own alarm systems that they carry around with them. The most important thing is that the alarm control panel is placed in an attainable area so carers and nurses can monitor, control and respond accordingly.

Nurse Alarm Systems For Home Care

wheelchair toilet alarmIf an individual is able, to a certain extent, independently care for themselves then private care from home is always an option. If frail, old, vulnerable or disabled, having home safety alarms and alert devices is always advised. Nurse alarms can be triggered on the odd occasion when someone at home is in trouble and needs the assistance of a carer. Instead of installing zonal alarm panels, stay-at-home residents are more suitable using a system that alerts an outsider including a local authority or the individual carer.

Personal care alarms allow people to get on with their lives independently whilst also knowing that if something did happen they can quickly and efficiently call for help. Some apparatus and activities can pose more dangers than others. Getting up and down stairs or stepping out of a wet and slippery bath are often risky procedures so to guarantee some sort of backup it’s considered crucial to install alarm systems for toilets and bathrooms.

Being at home and unable to seek help is a terrifying thought. A single purchase of an integrated alarm system, which interacts with a carer or local authority, can really change the mindset of the individual living at home. Investing in a reliable nurse alarm kit – be it a panic button or pull cord, will no doubt transform the sense of security and act as a brilliant safety net for those that need it most.

Here at Direct Trade Supplies we are proud to be stocking some of the very best nurse alarm systems for home and commercial use. At our disposal we have brands such as Timeguard, CQR, RGL, Robus and Scantronic, all of which are leading names in domestic and commercial security and safety products. Whether nurse alarm systems or panic buttons, all of their safety equipment was built with durability, usability and longevity in mind.

Due to the seriousness and absolute necessity for these alarm systems to properly work – all of the products have been thoroughly tested and trialled before released. You can now lean on us for your nurse alarm systems and safety devices, simply give us a call or drop us an email to discuss what you need or gaing further information on a product you like the look of. Stay safe.

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