Effect Lighting: Lose Yourself In A Multicoloured World


You now have the chance to recreate your very own Creamfields by using some quality effect lighting. Multicoloured laser lights can help to set a galactic scene wherever you are; be it a house party, a rented town hall or a city nightclub. Getting loose and lost in a field of multicoloured lasers is a favourite past time for so many people – from the 90s Ha├žienda crowd right up to 2015 ravers in Glastonbury’s Dance Tent.

There’s something magical about wading through artificial smoke and bright effect lighting as the music pumps. Lights and music are a match made in heaven, it doesn’t matter how big the venue is because if you get the correct balance of good people, good lights and good music, it can seem like you’ve been transported into the best nightclub in the world.

That said, the majority of us are never going to be able to completely replicate the scale and standards set by the stage lighting at popular music festivals. The space, resources and expenditure just isn’t there to go toe to toe with the big boys, but that shouldn’t discourage you from having your own vivid experience. Some of our very own effect lighting can transform a plain room into a cosmic cauldron of colour. And unlike the big stage lighting used at large music events, 99% of the effect lights are lightweight and easily carried around.

AVSL MHS-30 Mini Moving Head Spot

A prime example of portable effect lighting is this MHS-30 Moving Head Spot by AVSL (150.443UK). This quality piece of kit can enhance any small to mid range party using a whole host of lighting designs and functions. With a staggering 50,000 hours of LED lamp life you can throw as many raves as you like before you and your body burns out.

Quick Specs:laser light

– 30w LEDs

– DMX In & Out Connections Via 3 Pin XLR

– DMX Channels = 8

– 9 Selectable Gobos (Including Spot) / 9 Selectable Colours (Including White)

– Gobo Shake Effect

– Manual Focus Adjustment For Sharpened Beams & Projection Over A Large Distance

– Strobe Setting & Speed Adjusting

– Stage Friendly Auto & Sound Activated Modes

– 12 Beam Angle

– Master & Slave Modes

– Mounting Bracket Included

– Almost Silent Fan Operation

– Recommended To Use Within HSG95 Guidelines

AVSL LED Duoflower Twin Rotary Effect Light

The LED Duoflower Twin Rotary Effect Light by AVSL (151.604UK) hosts a very popular duoflower lighting pattern. By carefully inserting rotating mirror dishes the beams bounce and burst off the reflection creating a spinning flower effect. This effect light contains a 4-in-one RGBW LEDs helping to provide a multitude of sharp and colourful beams across a wide fixed area.

effect light 2Quick Specs:

– 4x Colour Rotation & Strobe Effects

– Dual Independent Heads

– DMX Channels = 1 Channel / 8 Channel

– Master / Slave

– Sound Activated

– 2x 10w RGBW

– Intelligent & Comprehensive Light Show

AVSL LED Duoplex Effect Light

This lightweight LED Duoplex Effect Light by AVSL (152.627UK) is a model at ease with being transported around and set up in different locations at the drop of a hat. There is no need for complicated DMX integration, just two simple to use modes of operation after you insert the plug and play function. 128 very bright LEDs will make a collection of red, green, blue and amber colourways. Its sound to light feature can be activated by adjusting the microphone sensitivity.

Quick Specs:laser light 3

– 4X Colours At Your Disposal (Red, Green, Blue & Amber)

– 10W Powe Outage With 128 LED Lights

– Plug & Play Operation

– Automatic Running & Sound To Light Modes Available

– Mounting Bracket Included

– Recommended This Product Is Used Within HSG95 Guidelines


If you are hosting a party then you have to bear in mind the duration of how long effect lighting can stay on for. There’s restrictions on how long you can keep certain lights on for, this is particularly the case with strobe lighting because general rules state that there should be no more than 4 flashes of light per second. Guidelines are there to protect the health of people who are photosensitive or suffer from epilepsy. Double check with your guests that they are happy and be aware that not everyone can cope with powerful effect lighting all night long.

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