Electric Water Solutions Courtesey of Hyco

Hyco who?

Hyco has been established for over 25 years and is a leading player in the UK electric water heating market, so we are proud to add them to our ever expanding stock list this summer. As well as specialising in hand dryers and space heating, Hyco provide an impressive array of water taps to take your kitchen counter top to the next level in conveneince and capabillity. Hyco are a manufacturer and distributor to many of the UK’s leading electrical wholesalers and plumbers merchants so we know the quality of there products are expectional. There commitment to energy efficiency, continuous innovation of unique products and UK based design / assembly are all factors that will ensure our DTS customers would be satisfied with every purchase.

Zen range – bespoke water boiling

Waiting for your kettle to boil would be a thing of the past. The innovative ‘Zen’ range now includes the Zen Life 100°C Boiling Water Tap with Kitchen Hot and Cold Mixer. This is the perfect stylish, yet practical choice for retro-fit applications as well as new kitchens and is the only tap you will need to provide both instant 100°C boiling water and kitchen mixer tap capabilities. Both aesthetically appealing and easy to use, they are a range that effortlessly make your life easier.

The Crystal Pure drinking water tap is an ideal solution for supplying filtered or chilled water instantaneously. The tap can be used with the Zen Font with Drain when connection to a standard sink is not available – a minimalistic, well designed option. The tap can be installed with an undersink chiller or more minimally with a drinking water filter, making the product flexible to your installation needs.

Hyco offer excellent customer service and product knowledge if we can not deal with your questions so do not hesitate to get in contact. Keep your eyes peeled for the Hyco hand dryers coming soon to the DTS site too – high quality guaranteed.

Thanks for reading, DTS Team.