Firstlight Lighting: Oozing Contemporary Class

tiara lightSometimes making do with ‘any old’ light fitting just won’t suffice, you need them to stand proud, reflect an air of arrogance and become a centrepiece of the room, so with this in mind we welcome you to our exclusive range of Firstlight products. Spanning from precious pretty pendants to stylish and demanding desk lamps, all of these lights provide an individual class; eager to grace even the most highbrow of rooms.

We’ve replenished our stock to fall in-line with the growing need for both practical and aesthetically pleasing lights, we can now deliver you some of the most desirable Firstlight models to ever be produced.

So whether you are actively seeking a new pendant light, require a stylish lamp for your study or you can’t resist treating yourself with an impulse buy, here’s a little breakdown on what’s on offer and what each light can do for you.


The Run Down On Our Favourite Firstlight Models


century lightName: Century Rise & Fall

Style: Sleek, Long, Modern – Pendant Light Fitting

Our Price: £81.60


The Century Rise & Fall by Firstlight Lighting, a dreamy dangling pendant light that uses a loop down and loop up hanging complexion. This traditional yet minimal rise and fall design is finished off with a large bowl like head at the bottom.

Its pull or push height adjustment uses a well balanced counter weight to ensure a smooth and simplistic positional tweak.

In terms of design availability the Century Rise & Fall offers white, brushed copper, brushed steel and antique brass finishes. These droopy darlings will look great in pretty much every room of the home, be it the living room, kitchen or even entrance hall, their defined length and subtlety makes them a favourable selection.


Height – 200mm / Diameter – 380mm / Max Drop – 1980mm


10W Dimmable LED Bulb Provided FOC (Free Of Charge)


nassau light


Name: Nassau LED

Style: Tiered, Wide, Proud – Pendant Light

Our Price: £130.80


The Nassau LED by Firstlight Lighting, a superbly structured pendant light that is sure to stand out in any room. This modern pendant light reflects a wide 3 tier style pyramid shape, delivering volume and size as well as refined looks.

Its rise and fall height adjustment can be accessed via the crossbar feature. With four elegant glass lamp fittings at the bottom of the structure you’re sure to get more than enough light to the area below, and because these fittings use LEDs this means a lot less energy will be consumed in comparison to other regular bulbs.

This Nassau fitting would make a stunning focal point over a kitchen island or dining table. Although its far reaching and outspread design will add great width, it is anything but cumbersome. The lamps are delicate, the high bars are smooth and not oversized and the chains attached are small yet sturdy.

This light is definitely a winner if you wish to inherit a big stylish light to dominate the space of a living room or kitchen. With four identical lamps lined up symmetrically any owner will feel the full force of these LEDs without having to worry about heat wastage.


Height – 920mm / Min Drop – 610mm / Max Drop – 1010mm


4 LED Bulbs Provided FOC (Free Of Charge)

tiara light productName: Tiara

Style: Elegant, Glass Spiked – Pendant Light

Our Price: £306.00


The Tiara by Firstlight Lighting could be mistaken for a mesmerising creature found in the deep dark depths of the ocean, but a lot less ghoulish. Its spiky shard glass design will act as an elegant decorative light for any room in the home.

Its prestigious and expensive looks could easily make this light fitting the centrepiece of the interior, using various small bulbs embedded into its design to create a full warming glow.

Although the Tiara light looks like a delicate frozen icicle it is in fact a reliable and strong fitting, mixing both glass and chrome to hold it all together. This pendant light can also have its height adjusted to suit the shape and size of the room.


Diam650mm / Max Drop – 1500mm / Carton Dimensions: 350mm X 610mm X 385mm


12x 12v/20w Capsule

ribbon lightName: Ribbon

Style: Curly & Swirly Bundle Of Joy – Pendant Light

Our Price: £430.00


The Ribbon by Firstlight Lighting is a fabulously frilly light, reminiscing the bounce and shine of a classy Christmas decoration. This 12 light halogen ceiling pendant features curved curly ribbons on a polished chrome backdrop.

Although the intricate ribbon strands bend and dance around, it has been carefully constructed to represent an all over circular shape.

Unlike conventional pendants this Ribbon light is more of a decorative piece than anything else, it relies on its suave image rather than the practical solutions it can provide.

This wouldn’t go amiss at weddings, ceremonies or any fancy dos that require sharp, shiny and elaborate lighting designs to help set the theme. Inspired by gift bows and decorations, crafted by artisans and now created into a light for the home. The Ribbon is height adjustable upon the point of installation.



Diam – 620mm / Max Drop – 1450mm


12x G9 Lamps Provided FOC (Free Of Charge)

bankers lampName: Banker’s Lamp

Style: Strong, Abstract & Powerful – Table Lamp

Our Price: £68.40


Everyone needs at least one desk lamp, so why not make it a good one. This Banker’s lamp is intelligently designed using multiple materials and styles to complete an interesting finished product. Using a chrome and wood blend with an opal glass shade, this table lamp has got it all going on.

By using different materials, shapes and colours this lamp delivers great texture and depth. Its tube pipe can be pressed down or stood up, with the actual shade also sharing the ability to have its position altered using the bridge arm.

This stylish desk lamp will look amazing on any table, be it work or home, it’ll make the perfect companion for studying late at night, reading a book in bed or creating a different kind of ambience in comparison to having the main light switched on.


Height: 390mm


1x 60W E27 FOC (Free Of Charge)

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