Create A Focal Point With Pendant Lighting By Firstlight

firstlight logoooooOne of the best ways to add a dramatic focal point in a room is by using pendant lighting. Our Firstlight pendant lights consist of many styles catering for many tastes; some fixtures are pretty, delicate and the epitome of elegance, whereas others are larger, stronger and hang proud as domineering features.

Pendant lights are very much unique compared to other types of lighting, this is because unlike recessed downlights and other conventional fixtures pendants don’t need a constellation of fittings to provide a wealth of light, pendants can go it alone.

What’s more pendant lighting gives great opportunity for designers to flex their creative ideas. Pendants, also known as suspenders or drop lights, are all about showing off the light fixture rather than hiding it away in a wall or ceiling.

Pendants are mainly used for two aesthetic reasons, to either stand out as a show stopping feature or used to help tie in existing interior themes. Pendant lighting also provides practical benefits to the homeowner, these include increasing the size and height of a room as well as distributing light beams lower down, therefore creating brighter results than lighting installed high up in the ceiling.

Pendant Lighting By Firstlight – Century Rise & Fall

century rise and fall

A rise and fall pendant light is one of the easiest methods to customise the height of your lighting. Using an accessible pulley system a rise and fall fixture will allow you to smoothly raise or drop your pendant shade accordingly.

Having the option to pull your light upwards or downwards can help accommodate activities inside the room. Perhaps you have visitors over and you need to rearrange the room? Simply reel up the pendant shade and head room will be created.

Opposing this you can also usher the pendant downwards, this will help to introduce more light at a lower level, perfect for when you’re eating around a dining table or playing a game of poker. The general advantages of installing rise and fall pendant lighting is the easiness to refashion the height, thus decreasing or increasing the spread of light.

Our Century rise & fall pendant lights by Firstlight draw upon a basic classical design combined with the sheen and finish of contemporary tastes. Available in three different colours including polished copper, antique brass and brushed steel, each light can contribute to the glamour and character of a room.

With a set height of 200mm, 380mm in diameter and a maximum drop of 1980mm, you’ll be receiving a beautiful fitting to extend your light show inside. Its traditional bowl will contain and shape the glow of a 60w E27 lamp inside.

Pendant Lighting By Firstlight – Nassau LED


The Nassau is an expansive, well broadened pendant light which integrates energy saving LEDs to help busy households enjoy stylish lighting using minimal running costs. Its three tiered structure – going from the top of the recessed grid all the way down to the light shades creates great stature and semblance.

As briefly demonstrated in the picture the Nassau pendant light is well rehearsed for hanging over kitchen islands and work tops. With four slim dish shades perfectly aligned on the bottom bar you’ll be receiving a lovely stretch of light over a decent amount of space.

Although the structure is wide the Nassau light is not clumsy or obstructive. Its fine yet tough suspended wires, along with the slim horizontal bars – one of which hosts lamp shades at the bottom, all manage to hold the fixture steadily without spoiling its refined look.

The Nassau’s length measures in at 920mm with a maximum drop of 1010mm and a minimum drop of 610mm. The four glass lamp shades beneath the brushed steel bars shelter 4x 20w LED bulbs, supplying more than enough light with great energy saving capabilities.

Due to the gracious looks for such a wide pendant light the Nassau is perfect for modern interiors, particularly kitchens that display a minimal design and wish to create a focal point without making a brash impact to the room. The Nassau will undoubtedly fill up area space but because its design construction is simple and cultivated its introduction should be well received.

Pendant Lighting By Firstlight – Cosmic/Tiara/Ribbon

cosmic ribbon tiara

Finishing off our selection of pendant lights are three stunning pieces named the Cosmic, Ribbon and Tiara. Every single one of them withholds a dainty and delicate touch using chrome and decorative glass to shape crystal swirls and points. The Cosmic and Ribbon pendant by Firstlight dedicate their styles to a mesmerising compilation of shiny swirls, which when combined moulds into a glistening spherical ball. The Ribbon light comes complete with x12 G9 bulbs whereas the Cosmic pendant light uses 9x G9 bulbs, both will craft a beautiful display as the illumination bounces off the glass and chrome decorations.

The Tiara is an exquisite piece of pendant lighting. Its title is inspired by the elegant decorative headwear associated with wedding brides and royalty, and this graceful connotation is fully carried through with the Tiara light reflecting refined femininity. These beautiful pointy shards are teamed with 12x 20w capsules which embed themselves within the design. This Tiara pendant as well as the Cosmic and Ribbon by Firstlight are sure to provide a luxury statement in any room.

Why not check out our full range of Firstlight products, including all the pendant lighting discussed as well as other styles such as this super smart Bankers lamp.

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