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smart home automation free deliver


Although the future home is nowhere near the levels of what this picture may suggest; it is evolving, and LightwaveRF are one of a only a few pioneers helping to make it happen. 

LightwaveRF specialise in smart home automation products. Their products have been introduced to make the home-owners life a lot easier, delivering a high tech yet relaxed approached to controlling your home appliances. You can now replace your regular switches, sockets and heating controls with LightwaveRF’s smarter predecessors. These newly appointed devices allow you to control your appliances from your smartphone or remote controls, ideal for those cold lazy days on the sofa or when you need the lights turned on as you step out of bed.

The LightwaveRF smartphone app also provides the opportunity to set timers for when you want your appliances to kick start into action. This is very handy for regulating routines and controlling your home devices at your own pin point discretion. Smart home automation is certainly a rolling force, and although it’s fairly fresh to consumers, it is certain to be the norm in years to come.

So if you fancy getting ahead of the rest with some swanky switches and futuristic sockets then here’s your chance to do so. What’s more, the hover craft delivery service is completely free of charge!!

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