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Once a fuss-free installation is complete these garden spike lights will stand stylishly proud helping to illuminate your courtyard, lawn or floral arrangement. Spike lights offer two purposes; they can act as a practical solution to dark nights as well as create an ambience for special areas that you wish to highlight.

The sharp and rigid spiked base of these lights will leave them firmly lodged in the ground. The weatherproof and non-corrosive materials also allows the lights to cope with any unwelcome summer showers. These quality outdoor spike lights don’t have to be an expensive acquisition either. Our prices current prices range from anything as low as £10 all the way up to the more luxury selections priced around £185.

Affordable Garden Spike Lights

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Saxby Lighting Opaz:

The cheapest garden spike light in our entire catalogue. Constructed in die cast aluminium and glass, the Saxby Lighting Opaz spike light is a true steal for anyone looking for a quick and affordable fix. Suitable to use with energy compatible lamps such as low voltage GU5.3 MR16 reflector bulbs, it provides a low cost alternative to energy hungry light bulbs.

This garden light also features a dimmable operation enabling you to increase or decrease the amount of light emitted. This spike light requires both a lamp and an IP rated transformer, both of these accessories are readily available to buy from our store.

Dimensions: Height 320mm x Diameter 96mm.

Saxby Lighting Aura:

The Saxby Lighting Aura spike light is well worth the money considering it already has a 1W LED light bulb integrated into the fitting. Its style is also not to be snubbed at; using a sleek stainless steel finish and a curved cylinder shaped head the Aura spike light will look lovely in any given garden.

With a low energy consumption but high light output of 65 lumens, the Aura spike light comes with clear energy saving benefits. It also hosts a 90 degree tilt with the actual head of the light being fully adjustable; this will help the user to further concentrate the beam. This light comes complete with a control gear on board meaning you don’t need to purchase an LED driver individually.

Dimensions: Height 222mm x Diameter 43mm.

Robus Spike Light With Adjustable Tapered Head:

The beauty with this affordable Robus spike light with adjustable tapered head is that it serves a straight to mains operation. Its loop in loop out terminals means no transformer is needed and the installation process is a little less demanding. The maximum wattage output is 50w and it requires just one GU10 bulb, one of the most common bulb types on the market.

This adjustable Robus spike light boasts a resistant and stylish exterior using a die cast aluminium foundation finished in an appealing satin silver shade. Its 90 degree tilt will enable a more specific beam angle, ideal for highlighting any areas calling out for more attention.

Dimensions: Height 310mm x Diameter 75mm.

Mid Range Garden Spike Lights

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Saxby Lighting Atlantis:

The name Atlantis would suggest that this spike light is extremely used to water. And it is, this Saxby Lighting Atlantis spike light boasts a marine grade stainless steel complexion making it the perfect light to place around ponds, lakes, and any other marine or sea environments.

This beautiful yet durable spike light requires a 35w GU10 reflector bulb. It comes complete with a dimmable facility for further ambience control. Its round and fairly wide head will ensure that the light beam is dispersed over a great distance and space. The Atlantis spike light really is a tough nut to crack, its longevity is not in question and it’s a great contender for one of our most resistant garden spike lights available.

Dimensions: Height 260mm x Diameter 63mm.

Collingwood Lighting 1W LED Spike:

Streamline and stylish is the Collingwood 1W LED spike light. Although it presents a slinky and slender frame this refined LED spike light remains ultra tough by using highly durable 316 stainless steel as its material. This 1W LED spike light by Collingwood is perfect for a minimalistic look, its subtlety means it can be easily blended in to the garden landscape.

The estimated lifespan of the LED bulb inside is 70000 hours, which is more than enough time for summer chin wags in the garden. Possibly the best thing about this 1w LED spike is that the lamp is available in six different colours including amber, blue, green, red, cool white and warm white. It all depends on what atmosphere you’re trying to create in your garden.

Dimensions: Height 417mm x Diameter 42mm

Robus 50 LEDs Spike:

The Robus 50x LED spike light is a clever multifunctional model that can either be inserted into the ground or mounted on a wall. An integral driver is included with the light so you don’t need to source and buy one individually. The real selling point of this Robus spike light is how it encompasses 50x warm white LEDs, each emitting 0.06w for the grand total of a 3w output.

A pivoting head allows further repositioning to help send the beam across the lawn, against the wall or onto a garden feature. With a non corrosive Nylon fitting you’ll be safe in the knowledge that this light will not corrode under the stress and strains of a downpour.

Dimensions: Height 140mm x Diameter 100mm

Luxury Garden Spike Lights


Aurora 240V Adjustable LED Spotlight:

Now this Aurora 240v Adjustable LED spike light is more of a spot light than anything. It’s grand in stature and promises an incredible performance in any garden. Its big and burly spike will lodge in the ground with absolute ease, leaving the top adjustable head plenty of support to be moved around at your pleasure. With three strikingly clear 1W LED lamps inside, you’ll be receiving a grand total of a 3W output.

With this masterful Aurora spike light you’ll be partnered with a 3 port IP65 connector block with 1m cable and an IP64 rated power driver with 2m cable. Its powder coated corrosion resistant finish makes this spike light not only one of the biggest and most stylish available but also one that can stand the test of time without compromise. This 240v Aurora model presents three different colour options; including blue, green and white. Certainly a spike light for those looking to push the boat out.

Dimensions: Height 163mm x Diameter 163mm

Collingwood Lighting 4W LED Spike

The Collingwood Lighting 4W LED spike light is one of the most powerful in our entire range of garden spike lights. It’s not only the power of this LED spike light which makes it such an attractive choice. Its image is swanky enough to complement any garden seeking intelligent, energy efficient and stylish lighting.

This spike light is the perfect addition to any driveway, path, decking or lawn, its power and distribution will be able to effortlessly light up buildings, trees and garden statues. Using a high grade 316 stainless steel material for fantastic resistance, as well as a robust straight to mains connection cable, this LED spike light will not let you down, whatever the weather.

Collingwood Lighting High Output LED Spike

They don’t come much more powerful than the Collingwood Lighting High Output LED spike light. Day or night this light will emit a strong 7W beam to masterfully compliment your most important garden features. This high output spike light will require the help from a 700mA driver to generate the beam. These drivers are readily available on our website.

With three strong LED bulbs fixed inside, you are sure to get a sufficient amount of light regardless of location. This high output light has been constructed with anodised aluminium, one of the most resistant and reliable materials related to outdoor lighting. With a perfect balance between function and aesthetics, the high output LED spike light by Collingwood Lighting is a sure shot for anyone looking for a high quality garden light oozing in style and performance.

Dimensions: Height 466mm x Diameter 57mm

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