Here to help you on LED strip projects

LED strip – a must have feature in your property.

LED strip is the perfect cost effective solution to give your property an effortless change in atmosphere and mood through it’s subtle low wattage connection of lights. The versatility of strip lighting is unique as it can be installed outdoors to illuminate a decking area, as well as being used inside to light up a previously dull looking kitchen counter. There is no limit to the creative ways people utilise them, so use your imagination when attempting a new project.

Ideas for your next project…

1. Under cabinet lighting to lift kitchen counters Kitchen LEDs can provide both practical working light or aesthetically pleasing feature illumination, when mounted under cabinets or at ground level. Guaranteed to light up the heart of any property.

2. Impressive outdoor decking Utilising LED lighting outside can make for impressive results, however be sure to protect your LED Strip lights from the elements by using a suitable IP rating. Nothing less than an IP67-rated coating should be used outside – we want installations to be 100% safe.

3. Set the mood in the bedroom. The RGBW LED strip can produce an incredible array of colours that’s enhanced further with the aid of the additional white LEDs. This tape produces impressive results controlled via a wireless remote.

Why spend on branded tape? Plenty of reasons….

After one quick Google search for LED tape I was inundated with offers for cheaper options that seemed would be silly to ignore. However after closer inspection by reading reviews and blogs I came up with some reasons why choosing our branded ranges would be a superior option if you want a professional job done on your next project.

Getting an accurate life expectancy is a bonus when buying LED, life expectancies of the lamps is much longer than halogen alternatives, however having an accurate gauge is not always guaranteed. Cheaper alternatives often quote unrealistic numbers leaving buyers disappointed much earlier than anticipated.

Brighter LEDs – All our brands we stock guarantee high power, high quality LED’s ranging from 2700K – 6500K output. Using the Aurora flexible tape as an example, it offers an impressive 14.4 LED Watts per metre. Output is typically 30% – 50% brighter than cheaper unbranded alternatives.

Colour consistency – Our in-house expert tests all our tape we stock in a custom built workshop to ensure all our lines we stock are as described by our stockists to guarantee the high quality our customer deserve. By testing – we can run the performance of each small LED to identify any faulty batches or underperforming lines so they do not reach our customers.

Colour Intensity – Our major stockists products are streaks ahead in the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) value score when compared to cheap Chinese alternatives. This means that LED strip sold by our DTS brands online produce brighter, deeper and ‘truer’ colours – making for some professional and pleasing results.

Top Tape Tips.

Here are a few things to bare in mind when brainstorming your next project…

– LED strips can be dimmable with appropriate driver and compatible dimmer with

– More than one strip can be powered from a single driver (The total wattage of the strips must be below 90% of the wattage rating of the driver)

– No. of LED’s per metre affects the brightness created.

– The power output of the driver (wattage rating) must be at least 10% higher than the total required wattage of the strip(s) being powered

– Ensure your installation is laid in a dry and clean surface to limit any potential damage

– Installations should be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Going the extra mile at Direct Trade Supplies…

LED strip can be daunting when it comes to selecting the right products for the job in hand, let alone making sure each cut is the right size and attached to the relevant power source. Having just finished our custom built LED strip workshop our experts are on-hand to cut and solder the job for you in addition to adding any length of cable you require. This is a service we are proud to offer, so contact us if you want a quotation.

We have an array of brands to consider when purchasing your strip lighting including; Aurora, Collingwood, Ansell, Integral, Saxby, not to mention our popular own brand aluminium profile. Our online range caters for those who are seeking colour changing capabilities as well as lighting that can withstand the ever unpredictable British climate, so we are confident we can find a solution to suit your requirements.

Email us on for a free quote or call on 01752 261211 and speak to one of our sales team – we are happy to help. DTS Team