Light Cramp Commerical Spaces With Bright Dino LED Battens

dino batten

New to the market and filling up our stock room are these super bright, super slender and super energy efficient Dino LED battens by Megaman. These Dino Battens are the modern day answer to prehistoric energy hungry T5 and T8 fluorescent fittings. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications the Dino fitting is roaring to go and is perfect for anywhere looking for powerful, yet energy efficient lights, to operate within areas with limited space.

So what are the key features of these Dino LED battens?

  • Quality lighting performance offering 70% lumens whilst boasting 50,000 hours lifespan.
  • Batten LED bulbs sheltered within a tough polycarbonate body and prismatic diffuser.
  • IP rating of IP66 to ensure protection against water and dust infiltration.
  • Dino LED battens available in three wattages – 19.5w, 46w and 70w.
  • IK08 implemented for vandal resistance qualities.
  • UV resistant and corrosion proof materials.
  • Supplies with stainless steel clips.
  • PIR sensor Dino’s also available.
  • 93 lumens per watt.
  • 3 year warranty.

Where do Megaman propose the Dino LED battens to be used?

dino batten 2We have figured out that the LED battens can be used both indoors and out but where have Megaman pre-empted these beauties to be placed?

  • Carparks – Known to be dark and dreary places, commercial car parks can benefit from the Dino battens. They produce enough power to generate a wealth of light whilst also keeping energy costs low. A vandal proof construction means that the likelihood of damage is decreased. The slimline batten shape gives great opportunity to fill hard to access areas with decent lighting.
  • Warehouses – Large warehouses will require powerful main lighting but surrounding areas with limited space will need to be addressed with streamline lights such as Dino LED battens. These systems will allow factories, dispatch areas, stock rooms and other holding bays to use energy efficient lighting for half the price and half the size compared to bulkier fittings.

Workshops – An educational workshop or residential garage will massively benefit from the Megaman Dino battens. Usually fairly small areas, a workshop will commonly only need one or two light sources. So considering you don’t need to kit out a workshop with loads of lights just two Dino LED battens could be the perfect application.

Underground Locations – The brightness of these Dino LEDs makes them a quality addition to dark or dim lit underground areas. As discussed before carparks fit into this bracket but as well as carparks these LED battens can make their mark in subways, under-paths, tunnels, train stations and other cave like locations.

Corridors – Corridors often lack natural light because they fail to host windows. Chandeliers wouldn’t be a practical choice and inserting downlights can sometimes take up a lot of time. A few sleek Dino battens, which take up little room and time to install, can be ideal to apply where the corridor wall and ceiling meets.


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