Lighting Techniques: Wall Washers.

Do you have a particular feature you’d like to enhance or perhaps it’s an architectural design you wish to draw attention to? Well by using wall washers you’ll be able to amplify and extend its entirety. Wall washer lights are predominantly used for illuminating large areas that are yet to discover their voice. Be it cultural and historic buildings, galleries and exhibitions or feature walls at home, a wall washer is a pro at manipulating scales and attracting passing eyes.

Similar to the horizon technique used for lighting theatre productions, wall washers increase volume, height and brightness. A wall washer light can also be a great way to illuminate curved architecture or unique unusual structures. Below is a picture of an old and historic corridor within Castle Howard, York. By carefully positioning these Collingwood Lighting LED Wall Washers – to direct a 25×6 asymmetrical beam onto the arched ceilings above, visitors to the castle are able to clearly see the fine work of the archaic bends and curves of the ceiling’s design.

wall washer

Accentuating the specific shape of a structure isn’t the only benefit posed by wall washers. A general enhancement of space, colour and texture can be achieved by the wide spread of a wall washer. This lighting technique is commonly practised by interior designers. Many professionals install wall washers to make areas appear bigger than they actually are.

As well as space and size, colour is also a factor. If a room contains a dominant colour that needs further enriching then coloured wall washers can contribute to the intensity of a room. An example of how a wall washer can administer more colour to the room can be demonstrated by another Collingwood Lighting project, this time inside the swimming pool of a luxury hotel in Cyprus, The Elysium.

hotel wall washers

So far we’ve focused on internal wall washers however external wall washers are also available to help illuminate walls and features outside. Many outdoor walls are constructed with interesting brick work and can also embellish other features such as crawling ivy or pretty flowers. To further accentuate the character and texture, outdoor wall washers can be used but remember, this is only applicable if the desired lighting system has a suitable IP rating to ensure it is safe to use outside.

Our final example of wall washers in action is again from a Collingwood Lighting installation. Below shows how a homeowner has used a bright wall washer to highlight the glass extension at the rear of the home. Not only will this supply more light to filter through the home but it also helps the extension stand out when viewing from outside of the home.

outside wall washer

The wall washer light is a nifty system for accent lighting, designed to affect already established features that cry out for more attention and need extra help to get noticed. So if you are looking for ways to bolster presence, extend volume or provide more colour to a surface then wall washers could be your saving grace.

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