Best EV Home Charger for Modern Electric Cars: DTS’s In-Depth Review of the Myenergi Zappi.

In our quest for the best EV home charger for modern electric cars, the Myenergi Zappi emerges as a clear frontrunner. As the electric vehicle (EV) industry continues to evolve, the importance of efficient, eco-friendly, and flexible charging solutions is becoming increasingly apparent. The Zappi is a smart EV charger that prioritizes not only efficient charging, but also environmental sustainability. Join us as we delve deeper to understand why the Zappi sets the standard in home EV charging solutions.

Design and Installation: The Hallmark of the Best EV Home Charger

Starting with the basics, the Zappi charger boasts an elegant, user-friendly design. The charger is available in two versions – tethered and untethered, giving users the choice based on their preferences. The charger is also available in various power ratings, which means there’s a Zappi suitable for every type of electric car, no matter the specifications. Whether you prefer a tethered charger (like the ZAPPI-2H07TB-G) or an untethered one (like the ZAPPI-2H07UB-G), Zappi has you covered.

Smart Charging Features

The Zappi stands out because of its smart charging features. It can be set to charge your car during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper, which can save significant costs over time. Additionally, it’s equipped with an intuitive LCD screen that provides real-time charging data, making it easy to monitor your energy usage and adjust your habits accordingly.

Eco-Friendly Features: The Best EV Home Charger Leverages Renewable Energy

Perhaps the most unique selling point of the Zappi charger, and a feature we absolutely love, is its green credentials. If you have solar panels or a wind turbine at home, the Zappi can use this renewable energy to charge your car. This ability to harness renewable energy sources truly sets the Zappi apart and makes it a standout choice in the realm of EV home chargers. In its eco modes – ‘Eco’ and ‘Eco+’ – the charger will adjust the charging rate based on the surplus energy available, ensuring that you make the most of your renewable energy source. This feature not only makes charging your EV more sustainable but also more cost-effective. This is especially true for higher power ratings, like the 22kW tethered version (ZAPPI-2H22TW-G).

A ZAPPI-2H07TB-G Installed on a brick wall

Integration and Connectivity

The Zappi charger is part of the broader Myenergi ecosystem, which includes the Myenergi app and other Myenergi devices like the EDDI-16A1P02H and HARVI-65A3P. This ecosystem allows for seamless integration and interconnectivity. The app lets you schedule charging times, monitor your energy consumption, and even control other Myenergi devices remotely.

Moreover, Zappi is equipped with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for over-the-air updates, ensuring your charger is always up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. Whether you choose a tethered or untethered version, Zappi has a future-proof solution for you.

Safety and Compliance: An Essential Component of the Best EV Home Charger

We believe safety is a crucial aspect of any EV charger, and Zappi doesn’t disappoint. It comes with built-in RCD protection for both AC and DC leakage, which offers an extra layer of safety while charging. Also, Zappi meets all compliance standards, including the latest IET 18th edition regulations in the UK.

2 Parked Electric Cars


In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles, the Myenergi Zappi is a smart, eco-friendly, and intuitive EV charging solution. With its smart charging features, integration with renewable energy sources, and seamless connectivity, it is not just a charging device; it’s a comprehensive energy management system. Whether you’re an EV veteran or a new convert, the Zappi charger is an excellent investment that can enhance your EV experience while also promoting a greener, more sustainable future, making it in our opinion the best EV home charger on the market.

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