Network Surveillance: IP Cameras & NVR Systems To Reinforce Your Security.

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We now live in a time where a lot of our communication is carried out behind the screen. Whether you use computers at work or you’re always on your PC at home, we are now completely attached to the digital world. 

Network surveillance has quickly moved with the times, new CCTV cameras are now fully compatible with a whole host of computer systems. IP CCTV can be a great way to reinforce the security of your home or business, they work by sending and receiving data via a computer network and the Internet. This cutting edge monitoring offers further convenience and control to the way you secure your building and property, sharing the ability to view and play back recordings from your allocated computer system. 

Direct Trade Supplies not only provide tradesmen with tools and equipment but we can also supply other professions with the intelligent gear they need. Many IT based companies come to us to buy IP surveillance systems; from dome or bullet network cameras to NVRs and additional security accessories, we stock a vast selection of products, manufactured by some of the leading names in the network surveillance industry. Brands such as Hikvision, Adata and Western Digital all feature within our online store.

 IP Cameras

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IP cameras work as the watching eye, they’re at the front-line of surveillance and hold a crucial role for people who want to monitor the smart way. With both IP bullet cameras and dome models made by Adata and Hikvision, you are sure to find a suited camera for you and your environment. Each camera varies in quality, from regular 2.8mm lens and 2mp (megapixel) capabilities to 3mp and 2.8-12mm lens. Direct Trade Supplies also stock one of the best PTZ cameras in the business, with the Hikvision External IP 2MP PTZ IR Dome Camera; a stylish, flexible and truly outstanding CCTV camera. All of these cameras are prepared with vandal proof housing, remaining robust surveillance systems against the harsh elements outside and anyone looking to damage your CCTV operations.


NVRs (Network Video Recorders)

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NVRs are the hub to which you turn to when you want to access recorded footage and control video playback. Direct Trade Supplies feature various NVR systems from the likes of Adata Qvis and Hikvision. Depending on your surveillance set up and how many cameras you have running you will need to find the best NVR to cope with your requirements. Within this range you can discover standard 4 channel NVRs all the way up to 32 channel NVRs, catering for both small and large surveillance operations.


Hard Drives

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With such an enormous flow of data being collected you need a special type of hard drive to cope with the constant influx of information. Western Digital hard drives are one of the most reliable and popular ranges of video surveillance hard drives, they are completely at ease with processing and storing incoming information. Just like the cameras and NVRs, WD hard drives also provide different performance grades depending on how elaborate and demanding your surveillance operation is. You can select from 1TB (terabyte), 2TB, 3TB and 4TB hard drives. Without these specialist hard drives your time recording will be wasted.

For our full range of IP surveillance systems as well as ready made kits set at discounted prices check out our IP HD CCTV Systems section.

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