New Timeguard Floodlights: Dark Locations Running Scared.

timeguard floodlights

We get extremely excited whenever fresh stock piles through the door and our brand new Timeguard floodlights have shined a light on affordable yet intelligent outdoor lighting. Commonly known for their timers and programmers Timeguard also dabble in outdoor illumination, particularly security lighting and PIRs. Security floodlights are a formidable alternative to other outdoor lighting that can sometimes require an arduous installation process. PIR floodlights are on a whole a lot smaller than conventional lighting, which also makes them an attractive choice for areas with limited space.

PIR floodlights main benefits:

  • Saves Energy: A PIR floodlight will only switch on when movement is detected. Meaning the only time the lamp is used is when you need it.
  • Supplies Light In Hard To Access Areas: Given the general small size of floodlights you can fit them into cramp conditions where conventional lighting would fail.
  • Deters Would-Be Thieves: It’s proven that security lighting can help to deter burglars. It will warn them off whilst alerting anyone inside the house that movement has been detected.

Our New Timeguard Floodlights

MLWTSMLBTS/MLWTS Timeguard Floodlight

The MLBTS (Black) & MLWTS (White) are twin head floodlights which will provide two separate beams for a brilliant distribution of light.

Adjustable with a pan & tilt PIR detector, giving further customisation over the detection range, you’ll be met with a combined total of 150w lighting power supplied by the PAR lamps inside. The 12m detection range spans across a 200º detection area, more than enough coverage for lighting up domestic gardens, drives and courtyards.

Other modern features are present with the MLBTS and MLWTS offering an adjustable light level control, scrolling LED ‘system live’ status indicator and 1-8 hour holiday modes. You will also be equipped with an adjustable ‘Light ON’ time after detection, with a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 18 minutes.

A weatherproof IP rating of IP55 ensures whatever the weather these 5 year warranty floodlights will stand strong the face of wicked winds, rain downpours and bitterly cold temperatures.

MLB500C/MLW500C Timeguard FloodlightMLW500C

The MLW500C (White) & MLB500C (Black) is a tidy ‘Night Eye’ PIR light that kicks out 500w of light using a ‘C’ Class energy saving halogen lamp. Like the twin head floodlight this also uses a pan and tilt detector setting, leaving room for further customisation on its 12m range and 200º detection area.

Pretty much all the features from the twin spotlight are present, with the MLB500 and MLW500C hosting an adjustable light level control, scrolling LED ‘system live’ status indicator and 1-8 hour holiday modes. A ‘Light ON’ time of 5 seconds to 18 minutes allows you to modify how long it should take for the light to switch on after movement is detected.

This floodlight also comes with ease of installation using a direct mounting application rather than brackets. Available again in black or white, depending on your exterior theme and style, this light comes with a 3 year warranty period for purchase reassurance that if something did go wrong you’ll be covered!

Why not check out our full range of Timeguard floodlights, including the established models as well as the newbies, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the perfect solution for efficiently lighting exteriors.

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