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The office can be a mind field of paper, phones, chairs and desks but despite the mayhem it’s important that essential office furniture and electrical accessories are easily accessible to those that need it most. Here at Direct Trade Supplies we provide a whole host of electrical goods suitable for big commercial offices, small scale outlets as well as at-home office study rooms. In light of our diverse stock, we thought we’d create a brief breakdown on what office products we can offer; ranging from lighting, ventilation, heating and other electrical accessories such as switches and sockets.

Office Furniture & Electrical Accessories – LIGHTING

Without lighting your office would be a bat cave, so it’s absolutely essential that you install bright and clear lights, yet at the same time you should remain conscious of crafting a comfortable lighting balance. Depending on your style, budget and requirements your main lighting can come in many different forms. General building lighting is often categorised as ‘ambient lighting’ – the main source of light other than the sun. The main fittings associated with ambient lighting includes panels, downlights and chandeliers, but again you need to weigh up how big your room is and how many people you employee before deciding what office lighting to install.

Renesola Dimmable LED Panel

LED Lighting Panels & Grids

This style of lighting is extremely popular for large properties that need to provide a consistent wealth of light. The main attraction for using lighting panels and grids is that they are easy to install and remain flat in the ceiling for a smooth appearance. Another great feature is the wide berth of light they can distribute with panels and grids commonly measured up to around 20×20 inches.

Many commercial lighting systems have adopted LED technology to provide further benefits for businesses, as highlighted in our recent blog. LED panels can dramatically reduce the amount of electricity used throughout the year and because these lights are likely to be running all day long, it’s no wonder more and more commercial situations are installing LED lights to power their operations.

Downlights & Spotlights

halers downlight
Halers H2 Lite Fire Rated Downlight

Still sticking with ceiling lighting but the focus with downlights and spotlights is concentrated on aesthetics and style rather than the importance of a broad light source. Downlights are usually round and remain recessed inside of the ceiling just like panels. However lighting panels are large and wide whereas downlights are smaller, meaning you’d need more individual lights if you are looking for similar results.

Some downlights protrude out of the ceiling to help supply a light beam closer to the floor or display a quirkier design opposed to just laying flat in the ceiling. Just like panels downlights are also compatible with the latest LED technology, with many downlights already including LED bulbs so you don’t need to worry about sourcing light bulbs after acquiring the fitting. This convenient option can be demonstrated within our all-in-one LED downlights range.

Spotlights are exposed lighting systems fixed onto a supporting bar or platform. These are often seen in galleries or exhibitions to illuminate paintings, sculptures and feature walls which need to be highlighted. Spotlight designs can come in an array of styles and vary in terms of how many lights can be attached to the supporting bar or rod. Spotlights are designed to stand out, so manufacturer’s understand that it’s not only the quality of the beam that’s important but the image of the light fixture is also key.

bankers lamp
Firstlight Bankers Light

Desk Lamps

Desk and table lamps are used for task lighting, a term to describe a light that is designated for personal and specific use. Some offices, mainly in the manager’s room or a study at home will require a desk lamp for working at night time. Sometimes main lighting can be too overbearing, so to concentrate the beam closer to the area that you’re working on a desk lamp is the perfect solution.

Table lamps are visible, individual and unique so there’s major opportunities for designers to experiment with a variety of designs. Different material blends, heights and overall styles can be played with. A popular model in this department is the bankers lamp. Banker lamps are traditionally characterised by a brass or metal stand with a wide enclosure at the top that shelters the bulb inside.

Office Furniture & Electrical Accessories – VENTILATION

Anyone who has worked in an office will know it can sometimes get super hot, especially in the summer, so ventilation is imperative to keep working conditions from boiling over. Ventilation can be an effective method of cooling everyone down inside whilst sustaining a consistent airflow throughout the office. Some ventilation products provide an airflow to keep areas such as the toilet hygienic and less stuffy, whereas others are applied for personal use as you work.

Ceiling Fans

Fantasia Tau Fan Light
Fantasia Tau Fan Light

This type of ventilation covers a wide span and can be benefited by a cluster of workers on a desk or visitors waiting at reception. Ceiling fans can dominate ceiling space and will deliver a bright breeze of air across the room. Whether a traditionalist or a modernest, ceiling fans can play a great role in reflecting your style and tastes with both classical and cutting edge designs available to buy. Ceiling fans can consist of just one single blade to cut through the air or as many as six blades to push the air around.

Some modern ceiling fans use extra technology and functions to help upgrade convenience and user-ability. These features include lights, different speed settings and remote controls to control the performance of the fan. Back in the day many fans were deemed a noisy nuisance but nowadays they are built to run silently and even demonstrate great energy saving capabilities. Ceiling fans with LED lights will kill two birds with one stone whilst saving you money on your electricity bills.

Desk Fans & Standing Fans

standing desk fan
Fantasia Standing Fan

Desk fans and standing fans are used to supply additional comfort for employees at work or people at home. The greatest asset of having a desk fan or standing fan is that they concentrate the airflow to a specific area, ie closer to those who are hot. Another fantastic advantage of these personal fans is that they are mobile and require no dissembling; simply unplug from its existing position and move over to another.

Pedestal or standing fans offer a continual breeze across a fairly wide area. Their tall height and wide fan head makes pedestal fans ideal models for providing sufficient ventilation across a couple of desks or a small room. Desk fans are even smaller and can be placed on desks to keep one or two employees cool. Desk fans and standing fans frequently use rotating heads so the air can be sent across various directions. The speed and strength of the airflow can also be altered to help people settle on a suitable balance of breeze.

Extractor Fans

extractor fan
Manrose Extractor Fan With Pull Cord

An extractor fan is usually applied in locations that are prone to mould, humid air, odours and smoke. Their main objective is to sustain an airflow to divert stagnation and keep a room healthy. Extractor fans can be controlled via pull cords, some use a continued source of fresh air from outside and others have timers to switch the fans on at pre-planned times.

The most common rooms to adopt extractor fans are the toilet, bathroom and kitchen, this is because odours, smoke and steam are ever present and need to be budged. Along with extractor fans come inline fans. Inline extractor fans are usually located within bathrooms to help disperse a fresh airflow after hot showers are taken and the room turns steamy. This type of ventilation is more for the general up-keeping of a property rather than being a personal product you can show off and be proud of.

Office Furniture & Electrical Accessories – HEATING

Heating might be redundant throughout the summer months but once the winter rears its chilly head again you’ll need to be equipped with reliable heating systems. Whether it’s kitting out an entire office space that hosts 20+ employees with big radiators or you’re heating up a small home study room with space saving heaters; everyone needs to feel the warmth!


Farho Xana-Plus 1430w Digital Heater

Staying warm is a necessity in the colder months, so the best way to sustain a steady temperature is by installing radiators around the room. Installing heating no longer has to be a massive effort because many modern radiators require no pipe work or boilers, instead they use thermo-fluid and digital technology to heat themselves.

Most modern and digital radiators come with further features to help you to control your heating levels. Some include a display screen that presents the precise temperature to enable quick action when required whereas others use temperature limits, keypad locks and natural heating methods to provide a low energy consumption.

Eco Heaters

eco heater
Hylite Tubular Eco Heater

For those in a small office or home study there’s always the option to adopt smaller, streamline and energy efficient eco heaters. These heaters are inexpensive compared to standard radiators but they’ll still supply a decent amount of heat for people close by. One of the best advantages of owning an eco heater is that they are easily moved around and can be unplugged and transferred to another area..

Also known as tubular heating because of their streamline pipe like design these environmentally friendly heaters can be laid on the floor or attached on the wall using brackets. Some of them even come complete with built in thermostats so owners can view the temperature and gauge how much energy they are using up. It’s not only offices and home studies that can benefit from eco heaters because they are often found in caravans, mobile homes and other locations with limited space.

Hand Dryers

Vent Axia Jet Dry

It’s not only heaters for personal warmth which feature in offices as toilets and bathrooms have their very own heating systems designed to dry off clean wet hands. Hand dryers provide employees and visitors with a quick solution to drying hands. Hand towels are all well and good but they do require a little effort, frequently break and harbour germs, so to ensure a fuss-free and hygienic clean/dry, installing some hand dryers will do the trick.

Office hand dryers can be categorised into two sections; the standard hand dryer, which is cheap and practical, or the luxury hand dryer which oozes class and contains the latest technology. Depending on your expenditure and the image your company wants to portray – you should think about what grade is best suited for you. Do you want to shell out for a cutting edge hand dryer or does your business simply require a standard one?

Office Furniture & Electrical Accessories – SWITCHES & SOCKETS

Electrical switches and sockets usually litter office walls. They are the gateway for all electrical appliances and without them not a lot of work would get done. Switches and sockets need to be safe and secure so it’s always advised that you buy from reliable and established brand names such as Schneider Electric or Hager. Not only do electrical switches and sockets supply a much needed practical solution but the modern switch and socket is also a great way to show off style, class and prestige.


schneider switch
Schneider 4 Gang 2 Way Switch

Used to turn on lights and other electrical appliances, switch plates can contain one, two, three, four or many more switch buttons depending on the size and electrical integration of your office. All switches primarily do the same thing – they turn on or off electrical charged appliances, but a switch can offer much more than just that these days, a great example of this is the dimmer switch. Dimmer switches enable people to turn up or turn down the brightness of the lights and they are perfect for creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

Switches aren’t only restricted to lighting controls because there’s a wide variety of electrical switches that can be wired up to other important appliances such as cookers, water heaters and fans. Architrave switches, isolator switches and fused spur switches are common accessories in any building and considering the office is a metropolis of electrical goods there is a good chance that the building is teaming with all of them. The days of the switch being a boring plain white model has long gone. Modern switches present a variety of colours to provide the finishing touches to smart interiors.


shaver socket
Schneider Shaver Socket

Plug sockets are just like switches and need to be completely safe and certified before installing. Whether you need them for office computers, the radio or for personal tasks such as charging your mobile phone, sockets are absolute necessities for the working arena. Modern sockets are also made with aesthetics in mind with a variety of colours and finishes to select from so you can match up styles with your company image and existing interior themes.

Sockets aren’t only limited to standard three pin plugs because some electrical appliances require specific sockets to power their engines. The most frequently used socket types used in offices include the likes of TV/Satellite sockets, RJ45 plates and for high-brow bathrooms there’s shaver sockets too. Many plug sockets include switches too, however this is mainly for standard three plug connection.

Smart Switches & Sockets

Smart Home 2 Way Switch

With the modern home and office full to the brim with the latest information technology it’s no surprise that electrical accessories are following suit. Smart automation has started to become a reality with even the most traditional of dwellings and work settings embracing this exciting technology. Smart home automation is all about added convenience and control over your appliances.

Be it heating or lighting, with smart automation devices you can edit, control and plan when you want your systems turned on or off. By downloading specific smart home apps or buying dedicated remote controls you can control your switches and sockets from the comfort of your chair or even schedule appliances to switch on as you’re coming home from work or the school run. Although this is a fairly new phenomenon brands such as LightwaveRF are leading the way to the future home and office, where one day it’s believed all electronic items will be able to interact with each other using automated controls.

So there we have it, we hope that your workplace can adopt at least one of the products from our office furniture and electrical accessories range. Remember that if you are looking to buy in bulk then there is the potential for further discounts, just ask someone from our friendly customer service team.


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