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Ohme Car Chargers: Intelligent Charging for Electric Vehicles

The surging popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) emphasizes the necessity for efficient and user-friendly charging solutions. At Directtrade Supplies, we take great pride in providing Ohme car chargers, an innovative solution that puts intelligent charging technology at your fingertips. This blog post will explore the remarkable features and benefits of Ohme chargers, showcasing how they enhance the convenience and cost-effectiveness of EV charging like never before.

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Intelligent Charging Technology:

Ohme chargers feature advanced technology that eliminates the guesswork from charging your EV. By making dynamic adjustments based on factors such as electricity demand, energy prices, and your vehicle’s charging capabilities, Ohme chargers optimize the charging process to achieve maximum efficiency, cost savings, and utilization of renewable energy sources.

Smart Connectivity:

With Ohme chargers, convenience is just a tap away. The accompanying mobile app allows you to remotely control and monitor your charging sessions. Whether you want to start, stop, or schedule a charge, the app provides a user-friendly interface to manage your EV’s charging status. Real-time updates on charging progress, energy consumption, and cost estimates empower you to make informed decisions about your charging habits.

The Ohme App

Seamless Integration:

Ohme chargers seamlessly integrate into any home’s electrical system, connecting effortlessly to existing infrastructure, regardless of standard or smart home installation. With their compatibility across various EV models, Ohme chargers provide a versatile and hassle-free solution for all EV owners.

Flexibility and Versatility:

No two charging needs are alike, and Ohme chargers understand that. They allow you to adjust the charging power settings to suit your preferences or energy availability. Ohme chargers offer flexible charging to optimize battery performance, catering to quick top-ups or overnight charges.

Close-up of the Ohme car charger app displaying its user-friendly interface and intelligent charging technology

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Ohme chargers have earned their place as pioneers in energy efficiency. By harnessing the power of smart charging algorithms, they effectively minimize energy waste and reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, these chargers seamlessly integrate with time-of-use tariffs, providing even more benefits. By capitalizing on off-peak electricity rates, you can enjoy substantial long-term cost savings. This dual advantage saves money and reduces carbon footprint for a greener environment. With Ohme chargers, energy efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand.

Reliability and Safety:

When it comes to charging your EV safety and reliability take precedence. That’s why Ohme chargers are meticulously crafted with robust construction and subjected to rigorous testing. With essential features like over-current protection and thermal management, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your EV will charge securely and efficiently with Ohme chargers.

The ways a Ohme charger seamlessly integrates into a home's electrical system, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience

Exciting News: Octopus Energy and Ohme Partnership

We are thrilled to share some exciting news for future EV drivers. Octopus Energy and Ohme have joined forces to create a one-stop-shop solution. This partnership combines Ohme’s innovative intelligent charging technology with Octopus Energy’s comprehensive energy services. The collaboration aims to provide EV owners with an integrated and convenient experience, offering seamless connectivity between Ohme chargers and Octopus Energy’s energy management solutions. Together, they are paving the way for a more streamlined and sustainable EV charging experience. To learn more about this exciting partnership, you can read the press release here.

Ohme car charger connected to an electric vehicle, providing efficient and convenient charging.


Ohme car chargers offered by Direct trade Supplies are revolutionizing the EV charging landscape. With their intelligent charging technology, smart connectivity, seamless integration, flexibility, energy efficiency, and safety features, Ohme chargers provide a superior charging experience for electric vehicle owners. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to convenient and cost-effective charging with Ohme chargers. Visit our website today to explore our range of Ohme car chargers and embark on a greener and smarter driving journey.