Rointe – indoor heating solutions to be proud of.

Rointe – indoor heating solutions to be proud of.

The U.K MET office is forecasting temperatures this winter to plummet to what they are deeming as bitter Arctic blast roars ‘ coming down from the North Pole. At Direct Trade Supplies this festive season we want our customers to be warm and comfortable in their homes, so as a result we are currently stocking our largest range of indoor heating since day 1. Not only do we want our customers to be warm, we want to bring solutions that are contemporary and stylish because we understand the modern day desires of our customers. As a result we have introduced the heating specialists Rointe onto our stock list in order to expand our range, giving people the option to own some of the most innovative indoor heating solutions currently available on the market.

Rointe – who are they?

As a brand Rointe strives to provide ‘ the perfect heating system and make your daily life easier’. We are fully aware of the busy lifestyles people lead, so we love everything Rointe represents as they succeed in bringing technological advances and industry experience to a product range that has it all. Having traded for over 30 years, boasting an endless list of outstanding reviews and offering systems unlike no other on the market, we are confident end users can have complete faith in receiving an investment worth shouting about after purchasing a Rointe heating system from DTS.

Expectations of our in-house experts at Direct Trade Supplies were exceeded when we trailed the range in our office, so we are delighted to be able to make them available to our customers.

Rointe Radiators.

We are now stocking the Rointe ‘Kyros’ and ‘D’ radiator ranges, so here’s a bit about them…

The KYROS second generation range includes advanced functionality on top of their high performance heating capability. These new functions are accessible through the easy to use visual menu, with corresponding icons for each separate function. KYROS includes 4 different built in programs. By selecting just one, you can program your radiator according to your daily heating needs. The design is sleek and smart meaning it will fit in perfectly with your modern day home and with a 20 year guarantee on the whole Rointe range you can be rest assure for support if any problems occur. Check online for in-depth information on the amount of energy you could save.

The D-SERIES Radiators stand out among all other heating products on the market due to a new curved design, with frontal dissipation blades that permit natural air circulation, allowing the radiator to reach the desired temperature in record time. Integrated ‘Fuzzy logic energy control’, also installed in the Kyros range, is the low consumption technology that allows optimizing the radiator’s energy consumption, making it possible to reach a non-consumption coefficient of 62% of nominal power. In plane talk saving you on energy. Designed with an advanced control panel with 5 buttons, 1.77″ TFT screen and visual menus for navigating through the advanced functions this product makes bleeding old radiators a thing of the past.

Impressively, this heater has Wifi built within it’s parameters, offering users the ability to take control of their energy usage at the touch of a button. This is due to it’s compatibility with a free mobile application allowing customers to adjust their radiators wherever they are meaning energy and money will never be wasted again.

If you have recently invested in a radiator, no problem. Available with the same features mentioned alongside the Rointe radiators, the range of Towel Rails are like none you have ever seen not only because of their aesthetic appeal. This series of towel rails do more than drying towels, and keeping them warm and ready to use, they also quickly raise the temperature of your bathroom with their two hour boost function.



Ecological, Safe, Efficient and Advanced.

At DTS we can offer expert advice on the heaters which any of our in-house team are happy to talk about and offer advice to make purchasing that bit easier. Do you want to know which Rointe Radiator is suitable for each room in your home, office, hotel, etc.? By following this link your requirements can be met in only a few simple steps to ensure you end up with a completely efficient installation and feel confident that you have made the right decision.

It gets better…. This festive season we are running an exclusive discount on the range as we want our customers to reap the benefits that these systems can offer, so feel free to call up on 01752 26211 for a quotation or just to chat about the range with one of our team.

Have a warm festive season, DTS team.