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Whether it’s for commercial, domestic or industrial use Hager electrical, in particular their wiring accessories, offer any property a comprehensive and quality solution to all common electrical connections. A complementary blend of aesthetics, resistance and functionality makes Hager a leading brand name in the electrical accessories market. With a multitude of finishes to pick from you’ll be able to find the most suitable unit for you and your existing interior themes. It could be modest and sleek or polished and dashing; the design may differ but the essence of quality still remains.

Starting their life out in 1955 Ensheim, Saarland – Germany, the Hager group have used their eyes, ears and talents to get to grips with the competitive market of electrical accessories. Understanding the commercial and domestic needs for fuss-free installations, easy functions and attractive looking pieces Hager now find themselves at the forefront of innovation with 23 design branches across the world and a strong customer base in over 95 countries.

Not only do their products impress but the entire brand’s ethos is also something to admire. Hager believes that it takes a lot more than just a decent design team to be successful. In order to sustain their reign at the top and continue to be a relevant outsource for electrical accessories Hager stay in tune with modern times. The company vision couldn’t be clearer – “To add value to peoples’ lives and their buildings through smart, eco-efficient and energy saving solutions and service.”

Depending on the location the number of electrical units per wall may differ, for instance a work office will probably have more switches and sockets than a living room at home. On a domestic level the average number of electrical units per room is around 3-5, whereas in an small office it could be anywhere from 8-15. But of course room’s do differ, which usually means they require different electrical and wiring accessories, luckily Hager have got it covered. This conveniently moves us on to our room by room tour of Hager products.

Hager Electrical Units For The Living Room

hager tvLiving rooms can be fairly busy areas where family and friends congregate to rest or play. The living room may host up to 5+ people at any given time, making the need and desire for electrical units very strong. Many homes will have at least one switch and socket per wall and this calculation is even more prevalent in the living room. Switches and sockets have to remain accessible so all inhabitants can use them when they please.

One of the most noticeable differences between the living room compared most other rooms in the house is that they almost always home a television. Hager are well equipped to supply you with quality media plates and units including TV, FM & Dab outlets as well as TV Lounge plates. Each unit can help to tidy up the area and provide a stylish electrical source to power your home entertainment.

Living rooms are also the area of choice for a lazy slumber after a long day – step forward Hager dimmer switches. A dimmer switch will aid you in your journey to find a perfectly balanced ambience inside of the room. Dimming the lights ahead of turning your TV on for a film can all be actioned through the luxurious range of Hager switches and sockets.

What’s more the living room is one of the most celebrated rooms in the house with home-owners ploughing a lot of time and energy into the look, feel and character. Hager go to great lengths to keep the living room’s appeal intact. Stylish colour combinations, quality material blends and ergonomic features will have Hagers’ accessories successfully integrating rather than sticking out.

Hager Electrical Units For The Kitchen

hager cooker switch and socketThe kitchen is another room teamed with electrical appliances, so where there is a constant need for the flow of electricity naturally comes the need for accessory units. Standard light switches will be required for main task lighting or even accent lighting under cabinets or across shelving.

Hager have a fruitful range of standard up and down switches or if desired circular dimmer switches too. Again, like the majority of Hagers’ wiring accessories they are available to buy in an array of colour schemes helping to mix and match with established room colours and themes.

Food is always present within the kitchen, to cook food you’ll need an oven and to power an oven you’ll require an appropriate and reliable electrical unit. One of the snazziest models from our Hager electrical range comes from their cooker switches and sockets.

Hager have successfully implemented a plug socket, plug switch and cooker switch onto one stylish unit. The cooker unit also includes two LED panels which light up to indicate whether the plug switch or cooker switch is live and running; a useful additional feature for convenience and safety benefits. The Hager cooker switch and socket is also aptly marked with text demonstrating further instructiveness and ease of use.

Hager Electrical Units For The Bathroom

hager shaerThe bathroom is where you get clean and fresh before or after your day. And although bathrooms don’t contain as many electrical accessories as other rooms, Hager still have a few items that can coincide with bathroom activities. Bathroom’s also need lights, and dimmable switches can really help to enhance a relaxing scene as you soak in the bath or take a shower.

Bathroom’s are also used for trimming beards and shaving legs and this can be achieved by one of Hagers’ most popular electrical bathroom accessories, their shaving sockets. If you own an electric shaver that requires the assistance of a socket then look no further than the Hager range. These super slick shaver sockets have been built with modern interiors in mind and will allow you to have an uncompromising shave with little stress and mess.

Away from the good looks and convenience factor posed by the Hager shaver sockets, you can also acquire integral accessories such as fused connection units for safety and practical electrical solutions. A fused connection unit is often used for appliances that permanently stay in one location. Although a fused connection unit should remain outside of the bathroom it will still play a vital role in the connectivity of appliances inside it.

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