Smart Control with the Megaman Ingenium ZB range

Smart Living is here – are you ready.

Here at Direct Trade Suppplies we are proud to now be stocking the Megaman ZB Ingenium range. For those who are looking for a simple start-up system for home or a scalable system for commercial projects, the INGENIUM® ZB is the perfect smart lighting solution offering wireless control via mobile phones or tablets from anywhere in the world. The system is easy to use and install with great benefits, so do not be put off by any jargon, we are hear to make it easy.

What is in the range?

From the ZB ‘Gateway’ device, the whole range can be controlled. It is the core communication bridge of your smart home system which connects and controls all compatible devices. This is the core product.

The Gateway – Everything connected to INGENIUM® ZB Gateway will be automated. Just a few simple steps to install and get the INGENIUM® ZB Gateway ready in minutes.. INGENIUM® ZB Gateway can connect up to 150 compatible smart devices and build a scalable and large coverage in mesh network – this is where your whole automated system will stem from – plugged into a UK outlet.

Smart socket – Install an INGENIUM® ZB Smart Socket Adaptor and gain peace of mind when you’re away from home. With wireless control of our app, you can now make sure your electronics are off if you left the house in doubt. Simply pair the Smart Socket Adaptor with INGENIUM® ZB App, and plug-in your target appliances, then you are able to switch on/off devices, set schedules or rules via mobile phone. Why not enter the 21st century of in-home automation.

Smart dimming moduleINGENIUM® ZB Dimming Module enables you to connect up to 150VA stan dard dimmable LEDs, allowing you enjoy instant lighting control remotely and transform your space into a smart home. Via the mobile app adjust the lighting levels form 100% to 10% to create desirable moods – for reading, greeting or entertaining. In addition, working with Amazon Alexa, you can control your lights flawlessly via voice commands – a great bonus if you have the device.

PIR PerfectionINGENIUM® ZB PIR Sensor can detect body movement in an open area, and provide additional security and full smart control throughout your space. Just mount the INGENIUM® ZB PIR sensor
on any flat surface or wall without wiring – you can install it in minutes and enjoy the benefits of motion detection.

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Examples of how you could live the ‘Smart Life’ by installing this range

Pre-set daily lighting routine – If you are constantly hitting the snooze button on your alarm every morning, preset your lamp to “light on” at 7am to keep you awake and urge you to start the day. This is a simple connection from the gateway device to your lamps.

In home usage of PIR sensors – Your stair lights could turn on automatically when it senses your movement, saving you the trouble of using a switch, also saving energy and impressing any guests all in one. Simply set up the PIR sensor to the gateway and your lamps.

Out and about? No probelm – Set an ON/OFF routine for your lights and sockets if you aren’t at home with the mobile app to save you on your next bill. Have full control with the easy to use application from your fingertips.


Time to utilise your mobile to control your in-home electonics

Building a smart home or office is easier than before. It is just one-touch control via your smart device with the ZB range.

With simple and intuitive interface, INGENIUM® ZB App allows you to automate your home or workplace by monitoring and scheduling all your connected lighting and smart devices at your fingertips.

The New App is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Questions frequently asked…

Follow this link if you have further queries, the page comprises of frequently asked questions on the range provided by Megaman.

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Thanks, DTS Team.