Smart Home Automation: No Longer Left For James Bond.

New Technology Is Muscling Its Way In

snake nokiaThere was a time where playing snake on your Nokia 3310 was actually a pretty big deal. Facebook wasn’t around, apps were non-existent and lighted kettles were the main attraction for the family home. Oh how it has changed. Personal technology and smart home automation is currently a rolling force.

The world of home improvement and personal convenience has spanned its advanced wings. Even the most traditional of folk are finding it hard to stay away from this exciting new technology, which in the future, will no doubt have our forbearer’s sitting back on their hover crafts laughing about how dated it all looks. But for now it’s new, and for now well-to-do societies are starting to embrace this gear with awe inspiring arms.

smart homeAs you may have noticed, the modern man and woman are commonly seen with their heads firmly sunk into their mobile phones, updating cyber world on their daily chores, what they just ate and pinning pictures like nobodies business. Whether they want to or not, people well out of earshot are now able to hear about your activities, not by word of mouth or by Grandmas weekly phone calls but instantly! So when you declare something for the very first time it usually means it’s out in the open for all to divulge.

Yet social media interaction and instant image trading isn’t where it ends with the smartphone. You can now use exercising apps to monitor the miles you run, record your calorie intake with dieting apps as well as activate and control household appliances in-line with your daily routines. Coined as ‘Smart Home Automation’, it isn’t a new piece of technology per-se, but it is relatively new to its intended consumers, ‘us’.

Domestic Smart Technology

More and more domestic appliances are being created to work in conjunction with the latest smartphone technology. Home-owners and businesses now have the opportunity to replace standard fittings that require manual and conventional activation, with high tech devices which can be controlled via smartphone apps and remote controls. This gives the owner a relaxed approach to controlling and monitoring household necessities – appliances including lighting, heating and other power supplies.

lightwave collectionProducts from the LightwaveRF range by electronic giants Megaman helps to integrate smart home automation into any given home. From light switches, dimmer switches and heating controls, you are now able to activate, control and set timers for your home appliances; all from the comfort of the sofa using remote controls and smartphone apps.

According to industry experts, when we reach 2020 nearly half the population in modern society will have some sort of smart home automation featured inside their homes. Smart home automation has received a mixed reception, balancing positive and excitable feedback with concerns over privacy and security. Yet once these systems have been finely tuned and become a little more established, this relatively fresh new vision of home control will be a commodity to everyday life, no longer the latest sought after systems but the norm.

The Future Home?

fordtimes future homeOne thing is for certain technology is continuing to improve, innovations are being tweaked, and nearly all of these modifications are focused on the consumer. As we sit here today there’s around 10 or so current market leaders in the world of personal and home technology. Yet as the years go by there are sure to be a few that fall at the final hurdle, leaving just the cavalierly to spearhead smart home automation.

Some unfathomable hi-tech homes already exist, either underground or trial constructions, some of them have been made on the North Pole and the Antarctic region, set up by researching scientists. There is already an ongoing scheme with film solar technology being the focus; this has the scope to be applied to every window in the building, in return the property becoming a standalone power generator. Power grids are also on the horizon, giving every home on the power grid the ability to distribute power to even those homes and businesses that are yet to make the transition.

Robots, Entertainment & Security

Wind turbines, geothermal energy and home building underground will become increasingly dominant, as energy independence is welcomed the reliance on foreign energy sources will naturally diminish. Along with our energy saving abodes, comes our latest friends, the robot. Domesticated robots are being advanced with the intention to respond to specific tasks around the house. Putting the dinner on or doing the laundry will no longer be our chores but fulfilled by a robot.

Future home entertainment will get those senses tingling; the combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and mediated reality television and film will offer interactive capabilities far beyond our imagination. When playtime is over and it’s time to get back to work you can stay at home virtually interacting with your colleagues; conducting meetings and collaborating from your future home office.

With so many high-tech products inside the home it is only natural for thieving eyes to pry. This means the security of your home needs to be well equipped and reinforced to stop potential criminals. We currently have voice recognition kits truly established but face recognition is still a murky predecessor, but in the future this won’t be the case with face recognition software immediately detecting whether the person on your yard is a friend or a foe. If it turns out that the person knocking is a foe then the system will be automated so the police will be deployed.

There is still a long way to go in the world of smart home automation, but taking stock of the current available products, the trial homes researchers have been monitoring as well as future ideas for home improvements – the glimpse into the future home is certainly one of wonder.

Smart house flat illustration concept

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