Smart Home Controls: Who Can Benefit?

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The fast paced nature of modern living along with the advancements of technology has made smart home controls a viable attraction. Smart home technology offers households as well as businesses a convenient solution to powering some of the most important electrical commodities inside of the property. Automated lighting and heating controls currently dominate the smart home sector, with other offshoots such as energy monitoring also making headway. When all combined the current smart home market provides an exciting glimpse into what the future may hold.

The nuts and bolts of the smart home story is that electrical accessories and functions such as lighting should be made easier to access and control. By using smart home products you can now save time, energy and money. The chore of getting up to dim the lights or waiting for your heating to boot up is handed over to smart apps and remote controls, and the onus will now be on these devices to cleverly interact with all the most important electrical systems, according to your needs.

Scheduling times for the heating to switch on or dimming the lights from the warmth of the sofa doesn’t just play into the hands of slothful folk. Once you get to grips with the products, smart home controls have the potential to make revolutionary marks on how households and businesses function their necessities. It can sometimes be hard to find the time to set up a perfect routine and it can be equally difficult to discover essential household electronics that when integrated can communicate with one another, but this is where the smart home service dons its hero cape.

Smart home controls are ready to effortlessly run your home electronics. They operate bang in-line with your pre-determined drills which are authorised via smart apps or remote controls, and it won’t go off course unless you tell it. Here’s our scenario breakdown on how our LightwaveRF smart home gadgets can help you and your property!

Smart Home Controls – Scenario 1)

SH!# You Left The Lights/Heating On

If you’re travelling into work or you’re off out for the day and you realise that you’ve left your lights on but you’ve come too far to swing around, then don’t fret because your smart home controls can save you the trip. Setting up your systems along with your smart app to an ‘away from home’ condition will enable you full control over the electrical appliances inside, regardless of whether you are at home or not. This means that if you left your lights or heating on you needn’t worry because you can switch them off from a different location to help save you time and energy.

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Smart Home Controls – Scenario 2)

You’re Out, It’s Cold & Your Home Will Be An Ice Cube

A similar scenario to the first, but this time you want your appliances switched on whilst you are out of the building. Lets say you’re collecting the kids from nursery or school and it’s a bitterly cold day, by logging onto your smart home app you’ll be able to turn on your heating before you get home, therefore warming up the house prior to your return. This convenient heating control will no doubt be in frequent use over the winter time and it’s sure to become a brilliant asset for all family members returning home from the cold outdoors.

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Smart Home Controls – Scenario 3)

Slumped On A Sofa But You Want To Dim The Lights

The scene is a bottle of wine, a duvet and the anticipation of watching a film, but before you truly settle down the main lights need to be dimmed. There it is again, smart home controls to the rescue, grab your LightwaveRF remote control or load up your smart phone app and you’ll be able to instantly access control over your dimmable lights.

Dimming compatibility is now accommodated in most contemporary light systems. The advantage of dimming is how it gives the homeowner an opportunity to alter the mood and create a less intrusive light in room. Most dimmers require you to turn a nob or switch, meaning you have to abort the warm sofa – but not with smart home controls you don’t, you can control all dimmers and mood lighting from whichever sanctuary you find yourself in.

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Smart Home Controls – Scenario 4)

Running A Tight Ship Where Timing Is Key

If you feel obliged to create a warm atmosphere in work before employees arrive or you know the exact times of when your home heating should be on then the LightwaveRF heating controls will help to structure and implement your heating cycles. The LightwaveRF app as well as their designated remote controls will allow users to accurately set the desired temperature at any specific time, on any given day. So if you know what times, what days and what temperatures you wish your heating to follow – the LightwaveRF system will become a reliable method for its continuation.

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Smart Home Controls – Scenario 5)

Conscious About How Much Energy Is Being Used

If you want to make a conscious effort to conserve more energy then the LightwaveRF energy monitor will be able to provide you with specific readings of how much energy you use. People are becoming more savvy in finding ways to save money and one of the areas that can help to reduce costs is by keeping a closer eye on the building’s energy consumption.

The energy monitor will be able to display a direct feed of how much electricity you are using after it’s connected up with your mains power supply cable. You can use this information to gauge how successful your energy reductions have been as well as construct future amendments to help reduce costs.

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Smart Home Controls – Scenario 6)

Control Via The Web

In order to control you electronics at home, whilst you’re away, you will need to have a connection to the LightwaveRF Wifi link. This specialised Wifi link is equipped to be hooked up with an existing wireless router at home, meaning installation is easy and generally fuss free.

This Wifi link will be the interlacing product for all your devices. When it’s switched on you’ll be able to access and control your systems via the internet or smart home app. Along with the standard Wifi link you can also extend your connection capabilities by adopting the Wifi link booster – its plug and play connection makes it simple to get started and its resulting performance should help retain a steady connection in the biggest of homes with the thickest of walls.

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Smart Home Controls – Scenario 7)

Switching On Sockets At The Drop Of A Hat

Regardless of what’s plugged into your sockets you can power the appliance via the LightwaveRF smart home app or remote control. The appearance is just like regular electrical sockets but the main difference is that smart sockets host intelligent technology that allows you to switch the power on or off without having to bend down and do it yourself.

Lets say you’re arriving home and you don’t want to miss another second of the football match that just kicked off or you’d like boil your kettle just as you step in the door, well by authorising the specific socket to switch on you’ll gain instant power to the application.

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Smart Home Controls – Scenario 8)

You Want To Control One Room But Not The Others

It’s obvious that some rooms will be active whilst others won’t be. So to ensure you aren’t wasting needless energy and money on running the devices you aren’t using you can target the individual zones (rooms) you wish to remain on or off. The LightwaveRF smart home app will allow you to go through every device in every room and tick off what you want running or turned off. Controlling your zones will mean that you won’t be using up any energy you don’t need, its pin point accuracy will guarantee the only devices in use are the ones that need to be.

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Smart Home Controls – Scenario 9)

Be Safe & Stop Inquisitive Kids From Meddling

Any parents that have young children will know all about how kids love to inspect things, and that includes plug sockets, switches and remote controls. So if you have young children in the house who love to unknowingly fiddle with your technology the LightwaveRF range comes complete with secure locking – offering you the perfect solution to stop this from happening. Called the LightwaveRF socket locker this handheld remote control has two locking modes that be accessed at any given time.

The first lock setting is simply called ‘Lock’ with the second named ‘All Lock’. Turning the ‘Lock’ mode on will see the socket locked into its current state (on or off) and it’s operation is only accessible via paired remote controls. The ‘All Lock’ is slightly different as it completely locks the socket with no operation available, either manually or by remote control, only until the socket locker’s ‘unlock’ button is pressed.

locking sockets

Smart Home Controls – Scenario 10)

Good News If You’re A Sucker For Themes

Having a uniformed selection of switches and sockets can really help to create a sophisticated look that continues to provide a theme. Depending on your style, and the theme of your existing interiors, you can select from a lovely range of LightwaveRF product finishes.

For a modest, minimal and clean appearance you can kit your walls out with some plain white switches and sockets. Failing that and for people that want to show off a glossier, shinier and more elaborate finish – LightwaveRF also supply black, polished chrome and stainless steel models. Each accessory finish can be matched with one another, so this means you can keep the fluency and appearance consistent throughout the property.

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