Stylish Security Lighting For Dark Mornings & Nights.

There was a time where security lighting offered little else but a bulky unattractive unit. Since then designers have clubbed together to focus on aesthetics as well as performance, resulting in a handsome batch of security lights that share the ability to complement the home. Security lighting poses great benefits, especially in the dark winter months. They can aid visibility outside, save energy compared to conventional lighting and act as a deterrent to would-be thieves.  

Here at Direct Trade Supplies we stock some of the latest and greatest models to hit the security lighting market. Brands include the likes of Timeguard, Steinel, Saxby Lighting, ESP and BG Electrical, all of which are household names within domestic lighting and security. To give you a greater understanding about what we can offer, here’s a little run down of some of our most popular and state-of-the-art models.

ESP Nighthawk Security Lights

Nighthawk Security Lighting

The ESP Nighthawk range comprises of three different models; a standard security light, a security light with PIR and a security light with PIR and camera. Selecting which model to go for should depend on what you want to achieve, your expenditure and how robust your outdoor security needs to be. Each model is adjustable and can be tilted enabling an accurate beam spread to any designated area.

Standard Nighthawk Security Light –

The standard Nighthawk LED Security Light is the most affordable within the range. It comes complete with a full weather proof exterior and 12.7w of power for an 1100 lumens output.

Midrange Nighthawk Security Light With PIR – 

The midrange Nighthawk LED Security Light with PIR is exactly the same but comes complete with a PIR motion sensor. This means that your light will turn on when movement is detected.

Advanced Nighthawk Security Light With PIR & Camera –

The advanced Nighthawk LED Security Light with PIR and Camera is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a solution to lighting and monitoring events outside. Its inbuilt camera comes with a 2GB card and can capture 60,000 images or 750 twenty second video clips.

Timeguard Duo LED PIR Floodlights

Timeguard Duo Floodlight PIRs Security Lighting

These Timeguard Floodlights use a dual action of 2x 8w LED bulbs to produce a wonderful spread and bright light. The PIR fitted at the bottom of the unit achieves a 140 degree detection range with an adjustable option to 180 degrees in a 10 metre detection span. An easy installation process using a fast fix terminal block connection makes these dual floodlights by Timeguard an attractive choice for installers. Light on times can be modified from 5 seconds to 10 minutes.

 Steinel Sensor Switched Halogen Floodlights

Steinel PIR Lights Security Lighting

Steinel lighting are one of our most prestigious security lighting brands. They continue to design and manufacture intelligent security lights that push the performance boundaries. Although their catalogue heavily concentrates on LED technology these sensor switched halogen floodlights prove to be a favourable choice among homeowners. Due to their 400w ECO linear halogen lamps these lights are a preferred option for lighting loading bays and courtyards. A twilight and time threshold are also easily customised to help suit your requirements. With a high quality die cast aluminium finish these lights are sure to stand the test of time. 

 Steinel Wave Sensor Switched Outdoor Lights

Steinel Wave Sensors Security Lighting

These Steinel Wave Sensor Lights are a prime example of how far security lighting has come. They are sleek, stylish and intelligent security lights that are sure to look lovely against any garden wall or entrance. Apart from using energy efficient bulbs, containing a PIR for convenient illumination and looking smart – these Steinel Wave lights can also boldly display your door number on one of their panels. 

If you think your home could benefit from some outdoor security lighting then why not take a browse through our selection of LED security lights or security/floodlights.

Within a few days your garden wall could like the one below.


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