Switch Up The Style With Schneider GET Ultimate Electrical Accessories

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Electrical accessories don’t come much better than the Schneider GET Ultimate range. Mixing aesthetically pleasing and ultra-slim designs with curved profiles, screwless selections and easy installation, these switches, sockets and modules are some of the most desirable items within the electrical accessories market.

Schneider Electric have fast become a luxury electrical brand. They understand the balance between image and function; proving that switches and sockets don’t have to be bland and boring. Schneider have made electrical accessories stylish and complimentary, providing a minimal, uniformed and high quality selection of accessories for homes and businesses.

Schneider Get Ultimate Switches

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Schneider light switches come in many different forms including standard 1 gang switches increasing up to 2 gang, 3 gang and 4 gang models. A variety of colours and finishes can also be mulled over, colour options range from stainless steel, black nickel, polished chrome, polished brass and white. Other adaptations of these switches are also available, switches with additional features such as neon lights and flex outlets can also be bought for specific jobs.

Schneider GET Ultimate Sockets

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Schneider sockets also show great advancements in switch and socket design; with smooth exteriors and complimentary colourways many combine a single or double switch to accompany the socket. Just like most Schneider electrical accessories you can match each accessory piece with another which is a real advantage for people looking to develop a consistent theme throughout their home or office.

Schneider GET Ultimate Dimmer Switches

dimmer switch bannerDim the lights in style using these well rounded GET ultimate dimmer switches. Dimmable lights are becoming more and more popular, this is because they give homeowners the luxury option to further alter the atmosphere. Within the Schneider GET ultimate dimmable switch range you have the choice to pick from 1 gang, 2 gang, 3 gang and 4 gang dimmer switches. Each comes complete with a different colour helping you to find the best match for your rooms.

Schneider GET Ultimate Media Sockets

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Be it a TV, radio or telephone, nearly every modern home has some sort of media application. With this expansive Schneider GET ultimate range you can now match your most treasured media electronics with some snazzy new sockets. Within this selection you can get RJ45 sockets, coax sockets, master and secondary telephone sockets as well as TV, satellite and radio socket outlets. Some plates even host multiple functions such as the FM, TV & Sat socket outlet.

Schneider GET Ultimate Cooker Switches

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If you are seeking top quality cooker switches that not only feel and look the part but also function brilliantly then the Schneider GET ultimate cooker switch selection is sure to impress. Coming in various colour schemes including black nickel and stainless steel these cooker switches have the ability to coincide within any given interior theme. Additional features such as neon lights and titled switches give clearer indication to whether the systems are active and what switches are in use.

Schneider GET Ultimate Shaver Sockets

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These Schneider GET ultimate shaver sockets will go a long way to finalising your bathroom interiors. These stylish shaver sockets use a dual voltage function and are clearly marked for user convenience. Just like the rest of the GET ultimate product range you have the option to pick from a beautiful selection of colourways.

Schneider GET Ultimate Modules

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Schneider modules are to be integrated into specially designed grids. These grid plates have the ability to home a variety of different modules allowing you to customise your grid. Schneider grid modules range from satellite socket modules, telephone master sockets, flex outlets as well as blank modules. Whatever modules you need to help complete your grid you are certain to find them in the GET ultimate range, and again just like the GET ultimate switches & sockets – they come complete with varying colour schemes.

Schneider GET Ultimate Rocker Caps

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Personalising your switch modules is made easy by using these titled rocker caps. Every single Schneider GET ultimate rocker cap will have its very own title to help the user separate which switch does what. This will not only make organising and functioning your appliances a lot easier but it will also create great uniformity.

Schneider GET Ultimate Grid Plates

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Grid plates are the suitable base you need to home your modules and rocker caps. Schneider Electric have a huge range of grid plates with numerous holes to insert your module switches, these range from the lowest 1 and 3 gang all the way up to 18 and 24 gang. You can select from plain white grid plates or if you’d like more character and poise you can pick from polished chrome, black nickel and stainless steel.

Schneider GET Ultimate Screwless Range

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Put your screwdrivers down because the Schneider GET ultimate range features screwless switches and sockets. The main advantage of buying screwless accessories is that it cuts out the installation mess and makes applying your items a whole lot easier. As well as the obvious installation perks the designs are also kept minimal with only the switch modules and sockets on show to give off a smooth and rounded finish.

If anything from the above has taken your fancy or you’d like to browse more electrical accessories by Schneider please go to our full Schneider Electric product range.


  1. I would like to inquire about ULTI Impress wiring accessories and I have been experiencing difficulty getting prices and samples as a matter of fact its been over 7weeks in the hunt for them…can you assist with this inquiry, if so please send me an email so I can send you the BOQ and the samples required.
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