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One of Europe’s largest providers of home security products – Texecom. Renowned for bespoke security designs that protect people and property, Texecom have been manufacturing quality household safety items for years. Both inside and outside of the building, domestic and commercial outfits have been benefiting from Texecom security products. They’ve successfully rolled out a wide variety of models built to last in a vast range of environments. The sheer size of Texecom’s catalogue as well as their long-standing winning formula has helped to make them a household name in commercial and domestic security solutions.

Texecom have focused their expertise to produce motion detectors, fire detectors/sounders, alarm control panels and perimeter protection devices. They are proud to launch cutting edge wireless technology and ricochet mesh networking; making them a brand full of enterprise and innovation. Their design team pay great attention to the quality of their products, ensuring that they’re safe to use and will perform well in a whole manner of situations. By using a state-of-the-art design, manufacturing and testing process, Texecom keeps close tabs on the product development and end result. Such commitment to meticulous quality assessments has seen Texecom products become fully compliant with the latest requirements of European Standards, exceeding quality standards in most areas. This sets the benchmark for guaranteeing a safe and secure fulfilment for anyone looking to upgrade their building security.

One of the main reasons as to why Texecom have achieved such dominance and success in the home security sector is because they don’t try to overcomplicate things. Although the brand feel it’s important to use innovative methods to improve usability and style, it is their reliable and simplistic operation which makes Texecom products so desirable. Technophobes or people with limited knowledge about technology find operating Texecom security products relatively fuss-free, making them a perfect choice for the elderly and vulnerable as well as busy family homes or fast paced work environments.

Texecom Products At Direct Trade Supplies

Control Panels

veritas excel control panel
Veritas Excel Control Panel (CFE-0001)

Control panels act as the main security hub for domestic and commercial properties. These intelligent machines are commonly installed on a wall just inside of the property. Alarm panels are the go-to device for ensuring alarm accessories are working correctly and your first port of call for editing your security settings. Some control panels are made to work in conjunction with fire safety products whereas other control panels are rigged up to burglar alarms and security systems.

One of our most popular Texecom control panels is the Veritas model. The Veritas Excel and Veritas R8 offer people a complimentary blend of reliability and simplicity of use. Veritas control panels are the perfect security components for domestic or small scale commercial scenarios. The Veritas range comes complete with an intuitive user interface and ergonomic design, remote LCD keypads can also be bought to enhance usability and offer unrivalled convenience.

Another great thing about Texecom security systems is the scope to grow and extend your operation. Additional Texecom devices can be easily connected with existing instalments. Veritas control panels are currently helping to protect millions of people world wide, there really is no greater testament to measure and prove their success.

Detectors & PIRs

Texecom Prestige Detector
Texecom Prestige Dual Technology Detector (AFG-0001)

Detectors and PIRs work on the front-line of home security. These are the devices that initially detect movement, to which they then communicate with connected lights and sounders to help alert those inside or residing nearby. Within our range of Texecom detectors we stock basic, affordable models, ideal for small scale security options as well as more advanced devices which offer greater detection zones, further modcons and better intelligence to prevent false alarms from sounding.

Texecom perimeter detectors deliver additional security benefits by alerting people to would-be thieves even before they’ve made an entrance. Perimeter detectors use intelligent sensors to detect vibrations and acoustics nearby, making them a great choice for door and window security. Once a window is broken or being illegally tampered with the perimeter detector will play a vital role in acknowledging the issue and raising the alarm. This could be a savvy security purchase as door and window areas are frequently used as the main entrance for most burglars.

If you would like to explore our entire selection of Texecom goods then feel free to take a browse online. Perhaps you are looking to buy in bulk? Then simply contact someone from our friendly customer service team to discuss potential discounts.

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