WD Hard Drives – Coping With Data.


In our digital age it’s no surprise that security systems have integrated with networks but you’ll still need an efficient way to store your information, step forth WD hard drives. Built to cope with an influx of data which is streamed via security systems, WD purple surveillance storage is a cut above the rest. As the brand states “you wouldn’t use a bicycle to transport cargo across the country – because it’s not the right tool for the job.” This sentiment can be carried through to network surveillance because you wouldn’t want any old hard drive collecting your data. If you did, it would give you more headaches than it’s worth.


WD Purple surveillance storage has been trialled to work with a whole host of security systems. They are designed to discourage standard desktop drives that simply can not cope with the fast paced nature of consistent high definition surveillance. It’s not only the speed of the data that’s the issue because it then needs to be converted into a clear picture. The main difference between regular desktop hard drives and WD hard drives is that standard models are designed to run for short intervals, lacking the mechanics to endure high temperature fluctuations and equipment vibrations commonly present in surveillance applications.

So How Does It Work?

wd purple
WD Purple 4 TB Hard Drive

WD hard drives inhabit unique ‘AllFrame’ technology to deliver unrivalled consistency. The reliability of these hard drives provides the ultimate peace of mind for any home or small to mid scale business that’s looking to install security systems. The WD Purple exclusive firmware upgrades work in-line with ATA streaming to deflect pixilation and halt video interruptions that proceed when desktop hard drives are mistakenly used as storage in security systems. The quality of this network surveillance storage means that they are more than capable of dealing with 24/7 non-stop high definition security systems, which can use up to eight hard drives and up to 32 cameras at any time.

Quality playback capabilities are essential for any business or home with continued surveillance operations in place. There would be no point in installing the latest CCTV without the necessary accessories to fall back on. Imagine if a serious event occurred or you wanted to verify your suspicions but you couldn’t access the footage? Nightmare.

With WD hard drives you are guaranteed a secure and efficient storage pack, which will not let you down as you trail through potential evidence of wrongdoing. There really is no better brand to go with than Western Digital. With a wealth of experience within the digital security realms and a strong emphasis on product development – you can be sure that their WD Purple hard drives will not be the last innovators to help with storing domestic and commercial surveillance.

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