What Are Non-Maintained Emergency Downlights?

non-maintained emergency downlights

It’s a rarity but sometimes power cuts occur and when they do having non-maintained emergency downlights in place could be vital to your survival (well may be not that far but they’ll make life a whole lot easier). Emergency downlights are designed to provide light when conventional lights are blown, damaged or inaccessible. There’s two types of emergency downlights; maintained and non-maintained. The main difference being that maintained emergency downlights require manual assistance to switch on whereas non-maintained emergency downlights go it alone and automatically illuminate the area. 

Picture yourself, you are in the office or warehouse working away on a night shift then BOOM! The power cuts and the lights go out. Ooohs and aaahs echo throughout the room and a few of the smokers decide to delve into their pockets to grab their lighters. But wait, what about those non-maintained emergency downlights you’ve recently had installed, they should kick in any second and light will flood the location once more. This is exactly how non-maintained emergency downlights work. They lay redundant and go unnoticed 99% of the time but when a power cut happens, they are triggered and spring into action.

Leave Non-Maintained Downlights To Shed Light On Your Emergency

emergency lightHaving back up lighting in place could mean the difference between a smooth and easy building exit or a dangerous and confusing bundle out the door. In some circumstances where machinery is present, a fire may have ignited or the location is generally busy with equipment and bodies – emergency lighting can be the only way to lead a safe path to refuge. This is not to mention some people’s fear of the dark as well as the likelihood of losing direction and becoming disorientated without any source of light. 

Domestic buildings may not be too bothered about installing maintained or non-maintained emergency lighting; it’s the owners choice. However for commercial stores, warehouses or properties rented out to a number of tenants – it’s essential to have some for of emergency lighting in place; be it downlights or luminous exit signs. There are regulations in place to ensure commercial and industrial properties abide to health and safety laws, so making sure you install the required emergency lighting is extremely important.

Here at Direct Trade Supplies you can discover a wide range of emergency lights, whether it’s maintained or non-maintained downlights, exit signs or bulkheads, we cover most domestic and commercial needs. Being left it the dark isn’t nice but it doesn’t have to be that way, emergency lighting is more than happy to assist when times are treacherous, providing a much needed light source to help you plan your next move. 

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